Rentec Direct is pleased to release the ability for all our users (both free as well as Pro members) to be able to run criminal background and tenant screening checks on your tenants or potential tenants.

Click to view sample report

It’s super simple too!  Just login to your Rentec Direct account (if you don’t have one, signup now for free in less than 2 minutes).   If you are using Rentec Direct for online applications, when you receive an application, simply click the ‘Background Check’ to initiate the background screening tools.  Otherwise, click on Reports, then Tenant Screening Reports to initiate a new report or view your existing ones.

Not only is it simple, but it’s very inexpensive.  We’ve reviewed many tenant screening outfits, and being landlords ourselves we’ve discovered the pricing is prohibitive in most cases to do comprehensive criminal background checks on every applicant.  As landlords, we typically charge a $25 application fee and that never seemed to cover the costs of a decent criminal background report.  NOT ANYMORE!  Rentec Direct has teamed up with the nation’s more comprehensive supplier of criminal reports, and formed an exclusive arrangement to provide these reports to Rentec Direct users at a substantial discount.    For example, a complete nationwide super criminal search, which includes sex offender registration for all 50 states, costs only $10.00*.

More information and sample reports are available over here.

*Pricing accurate as of the date of this post.  Pricing could vary in the future.