summer maintenance tasks

Summer sunshine is on everyone’s mind.

It’s no surprise that your tenants will want to spend more time outside enjoying your property’s outdoor amenities. This means there will be some preparation involved for landlords and property managers. As every landlord knows, the change of the seasons brings with it new property maintenance tasks.

And while every season should be dedicated to ensuring that a safety checklist is met for habitability purposes, and these walkthroughs will always serve as excellent times to check in with renters about any complaints, summer brings with it an entirely different set of maintenance tasks.

Ensure your property is inviting and safe for your renters by preparing in advance and completing these summer maintenance tasks.

Summer Tasks:

Pool Safety:

If your property has a pool, this will naturally be the first thing on your list to get your property ready for summer. If you have a pool, make certain that any necessary permits are up-to-date, verify that your pool fencing will discourage climbing children when the pool is closed, and verify that any posted safety signs are not faded or illegible. To ensure your tenants’ safety (and protect yourself from litigation) ensure that your pool rules are posted and consider sending out a copy in your summer newsletter to kick off the new season right. Once you have seen to the pool’s safety, ensure that it is properly cleaned and ready for your residents to enjoy.

Fire Safety:

High heat weather means fire safety should be a definite priority. Remove fire dangers by trimming bushes and trees and removing dead plants. Ensure that all grills are properly ventilated and positioned away from any buildings. Check with your local fire department for more recommendations and stay up-to-date about your local laws regarding fire extinguisher requirements for landlords.

To combat dryness, service your irrigation system to save on water usage, prevent damage to your landscape and reduce standing water. Program sprinklers to the optimal summer settings for your area in order to keep your landscape looking truly fresh and as maintained as possible.

Outdoor Gathering Area Prep:

Having an outdoor gathering area during the warm seasons is a desirable amenity that renters love. That said merely having an area that can be utilized is not enough, the space needs to be fully equipped to accommodate its use. Check outdoor chairs, umbrellas, and tables to ensure they are working safely and cleaned. Verify that any outdoor BBQ pits are cleaned and stocked with propane (as well as backups so a summer BBQ isn’t halted mid-grilling). Your property will be far more inviting if all your community fixtures are working properly.

Summer Renewals:

Capitalize on the fun that your tenants are having at your property. Between the resident pool parties and the backyard BBQ’s, is the perfect time to encourage your tenants to renew their lease for the next year. Consider offering renewal incentives during a resident event. By reminding your tenants about how much fun it is to live on your property you will make them much more likely to stay.

General Maintenance Inspection:

While you’re prepping your property so your residents can fully enjoy the summer sun, don’t forget about those necessary summer maintenance tasks that can be easy to put off. Every season change serves as an excellent marker to remind your tenants to change their air filters. You or your management team should check gutters for any debris, and ensure that the HVAC system is working properly. Remember, your unit’s HVAC will get a lot of use over a hot summer, so have any professional maintenance done if necessary to ensure the long life of your system.

Overall this season, remember to connect with your tenants and directly ask about any unreported issues.  The key to avoiding costly damage is to utilize preventive measures and address an issue before it compounds. Unfortunately, tenants often don’t realize that a little leak can cause expensive damage and therefore do not bother reporting a problem. Take this time to touch base with your tenants to ensure they enjoy living on your property and ensure that your investment is protected for years to come.