An update has been rolled out this weekend which introduces the capability of sharing files with owners and tenants via the owner and tenant portals.  To use this new feature, enter any file library and you’ll see a new link to the right of your files labelled (share).  Click this link to open up the new sharing dialog.  First, if the file is within the file library of a property and is a web compatible image, you’ll have the familiar option of using the photo for your online listings and craigslist ads.  This option was previously a checkbox on the same screen and is now consolidated into the this share dialog.

The two new options enable you to share the file with a tenant or share the file with an owner.  The system allows you to share any file with any tenant or owner; however, to quickly identify the most likely candidates for sharing the dialog will highlight any linked tenants or owners within the dropdown list.

One one or more files have been shared with a tenant or owner, they will see a new tab within their portal labelled Files.  The tenant or owner can click this tab to view a sortable list of all files shared with them.