Renter Halloween SafetyAs your renters begin to set out their carved pumpkins and spooky ghost decorations, it’s easy to see that Halloween is well on its way. Take advantage of the holiday spirit by securing your property and providing helpful resources to your renters.

With this small gesture, you’ll be well on your way to creating a lasting relationship with your tenants, boosting your retention rates as well.

Ensure your Property is Safe for Trick or Treaters

Regardless of whether you love the holiday or not, showing some concern for your renter’s safety during Halloween can build trust and loyalty. It can also help you check up on how well your exterior is being maintained, and notice if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

For Property Managers:

If you have little princesses and superheroes living in your community, check that you have a safe environment for your trick or treaters. This means illuminating dark places around your property. If there are areas on your property that aren’t sufficiently lit, you can replace dead lightbulbs, place inexpensive electric tea-lights in orange jack-o-lantern bags, or simply hand out glow-stick bracelets. Your residents will appreciate the lack of spilt candy and skinned knees in the end.

For Landlords:

Before Halloween, you’re going to want to make sure your front yard’s landscaping is in tip-top shape. This means trimming back hedges, mowing the lawn, and sweeping up dead leaves. You’ll also want to make sure that any exterior lighting is working.

If you have a vacancy and want to preserve your fall curb appeal, you might want to leave out a bowl of candy to ward off pranksters. While dried egg and toilet paper aren’t unmanageable in the end, leaving a candy offering and triple checking to make sure your rental is locked is the easier and safer option as teenagers get craftier each year.

Show you Care about Renter Safety

As fun as Halloween is, it’s important that your residents come back that night as happy as they left. Giving them the tools and resources to have a safe night is just one step to making long-lasting residents and can not only show that you care, but protect your property as well.

For Property Managers:

Whether you decide to host your own community Halloween event or leave the trick or treating plans up to your residents, it’s important that your renters celebrate safely. Provide a list of local, neighborhood Halloween events that are family friendly.

For adults, recommend cab services and apps that give peace of mind when walking alone at night (like the apps, Companion and Circle of 6). Finally, send out a reminder to your community about candy safety, the importance of monitoring burning candles near fake spider webs, and keeping pets indoors.

For Landlords:

While you probably don’t rent to the Adams Family, where spider webs and flammable objects are commonplace, keeping your tenants wary of potential fire hazards is in your best interests. Urge your renters to use battery operated (electric) candles in their Jack-O-Lanterns. Remind your tenants to place the fake spider webs away from any burning candles (if they have any) and to secure pets indoors.

Preserve the Halloween fun by promoting safe practices, providing resources, and making sure your property is secure. By showing that you care about your renters, you’ll build long-lasting relationships and attract new tenants to your property.

Check out our Halloween Safety Infographic for more tips!