rentec direct and covid-19

Rentec Direct is committed to our clients and employees. This commitment is especially true during these uncertain times, as news and updates unfold related to the global coronavirus pandemic. 

The safety and wellbeing of our employees is a top priority, and we are implementing measures to give our team options to work remotely as needed. This allows us to provide our clients continued support with their software, so your rental management operations can run smoothly. 

Rentec Direct Operations

Our goal is to keep our employees safe, and provide you with the support and tools you need to meet your business’s needs and provide service to your tenants.

The Rentec Direct Client Success Team is available via email at and by phone during normal business hours at 800-881-5139. 

The Rentec Direct Development Team will continue to work on system updates and new features for you. 

If you need to speak with a Product Advisor, please reach out to

Rentec Direct’s Director of Client Experience, Janell, will continue to offer webinars and online learning opportunities for you. Check out the schedule here:  Rentec Direct Webinar Schedule

We will continue to provide relevant information related to the rental industry and COVID-19 on the Rentec Direct Blog and on our social media channels. 

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Considerations for Rentec Direct Landlords and Property Managers

Your software gives you the ability to remotely access your account details, so you and your team can accomplish business tasks as needed from a secure location. Now is the time to set up as much automation as possible, so you can handle any additional tenant and owner communications.

Online Rent Payments

Remind any tenants that still pay rent via check about online rent payment options available in the Tenant Portal. Tenants can pay rent with a direct bank transfer (ACH) or via debit or credit card. 

Learn how to set up Online Rent Payments for Tenants (Schedule EasyPay Merchant Transactions for Tenants)

Make a Plan for Tenant Requests

Make a plan now about how you will handle tenant communication about rent payments, maintenance, or expiring lease agreements. You should also consider how you will handle a higher than average call volume, especially as the first of the month approaches. 

Adjusting Late Fees or Convenience Fees

If you choose to adjust your late fees or convenience fees for your tenants, follow these tips for accomplishing these tasks in your Rentec Direct account: 

Remember that we are here to help if you need assistance with anything related to your Rentec Direct account. 

Stay up to date on Changing Laws

Some states and jurisdictions are implementing temporary measures to protect renters during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, in Massachusetts, the Boston Housing Authority notified the state Housing Court Thursday that it will not pursue “non-essential eviction actions” for as long as Gov. Charlie Baker’s declared state of emergency lasts.”  

Measures like this could pop up in your area too. To stay up to date on evolving rental regulations, consider setting up a Google Alert for “[Your city/state] rental laws COVID-19”

Check-in with your Owners

Let your owners and clients know how you are handling COVID-19 at your properties. Reassure them of the measures you have in place to continue to operate and what you are doing to protect your renters. Give your owners your current contact information and remind them that you might be dealing with a high volume of calls from your tenants at this time.

Check-in with your Tenants

Keep your tenants updated with information about how to pay rent, how you are handing late fees, and what to do about maintenance requests. Your tenants will be looking to you for guidance and information about the security of their home. 

Keep your Business Secure

As you continue to work online, with Rentec Direct, and all other programs, we offer the following recommendations:

Require Two-Factor Authentication

We recommend that you require all your employees set up two-factor authentication, especially for anyone working remotely. Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of protection for your account and accessing your online data. 

Adjust User Permissions

As your employees’ job duties evolve to accommodate remote work, you should visit the User Permissions settings in your software.  User permissions allow you to turn on or off access to different data and areas within your account for different users. For example, you might want one person to be able to adjust transactions while someone else is only allowed to review lease agreements.

You have the option of giving full, limited, or custom access to your team with the User Permission feature.

Watch out for Scams and Phishing Emails

Unfortunately, some horrible people are taking advantage of the situation by creating online scams, deploying spoof sites, or sending phishing emails. Hackers are pretending to be businesses or news sites by presenting fake information that will actually steal your information. 

This article from Forbes details current scams and phishing emails related to COVID-19 for you to avoid.

Consider this guidance from the Federal Trade Commission on How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

Final Thoughts

We wish health and happiness to our clients and everyone during this unprecedented time. We will continue to offer you the support and service you need for your rental business and your residents. 

We would also love to hear from you about how you are managing COVID-19 at your properties. Our hope is that we continue to support one another and that by sharing your experience others can learn and benefit from you as well.

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