Curb appeal is an important component to keep in mind when trying to catch the eye of a prospective tenant. The visual appeal of a property definitely comes into play when a tenant is considering multiple properties. Factors that affect curb appeal include; landscaping,  paint, exterior features such as rock work, decorative shingles, or shutters, and of course cleanliness. Because the exterior of the home is the first and the last thing your prospects will see making a good impression is vital.




Paint is one of those products that you don’t want to skimp on the quality. Purchasing a quality paint product in most cases will give you more value for your money in the long run. The key when choosing paint is to look at the service life of the paint being used. If your paint lasts 20 years instead of 10 and requires less maintenance in the form of touch ups then that is a substantial value in which you should consider the cost of not only the paint but the painter as well. Choosing a higher quality paint not only protects the surface of the home better but it also is more resistant to scratching, peeling, extreme weather, dirt accumulation, and fading which all negatively affect curb appeal.

What’s “in style”

Look at the color trends to determine what’s popular or will become popular in the coming months. Every year paint manufacturers and color experts forecast color trends and are a good source for inspiration. Having modern up to date and “in style” colors of paint will appeal to potential tenants. Neutral colors are always a safe bet but adding a splash of color here or there in a tasteful and popular way can help your house to stand out from others.



Cleaning up existing planter beds by; pulling weeds, pruning existing plants, and pulling out any overgrown plants is sure to improve the look of your property. If your planter beds have rock borders cleaning and resetting any loose rocks can make the border look as good as new.

You may even want to add more planter beds to add texture and color to the exterior of the home. Prime spots for planter beds are at the front corners of the yard, along with walking paths or the driveway, and right in front of the house. The idea is not to hide the house but to highlight and accent it, so be sure to choose and properly place plants of varying sizes, colors, and textures to get the best look.

Nothing spruces up the yard as cheaply and easily as applying a fresh layer of mulch in all your planter beds. The mulch makes everything look fresh and defined by contrasting the plants with the surroundings.


Get the most for bang for your buck

On a tight budget? consider just painting the door or shutters to freshen up the look of the home with minimal cost. Don’t forget about your deck, patio, or walkways, cleaning and resealing these items will keep them looking good for years to come and can be completed for a nominal fee.