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BiggerPockets is the web’s largest real estate hub with millions of pages of free educational content geared toward property owners. In addition, it provides networking for real estate professionals to share knowledge and tips. That’s just what Rentec Direct’s President and Founder, Nathan Miller does in his regular column on the BiggerPockets Blog. Primarily focused on educational pieces for property managers and landlords – learned from his own on-the-ground experiences – Nathan has shared information on everything from keeping tenants happy to protecting property investments. Below is a short summary of some of the topics he has explored – visit their site for the complete pieces.

5 Ways to Offer the Energy-Efficient Features Millennial & Gen Z Renters Seek

Energy efficiency isn’t just a money saver anymore. Younger generations are seeking housing that matches up with their own values for environmental consciousness and offering energy smart features in your rental property can make you stand out from the crowd. Renters are actually willing to pay more for sustainable features like energy-saving appliances or bike storage. This article outlines some easy ways to implement these kinds of features. Read the article here.

8 Ways to Promote Fire Safety in Your Rental Properties

With the recent tragic wildfires in our neighboring state of California, along with some of the worst fire seasons in history in recent years, this is something that should be top of mind for most property owners. In this piece, Nathan outlines fire prevention techniques for rental properties including preparing the property for fire safety, both inside and out. Read the full article here.

Interviewing a New Tenant? It’s Trickier Than You Think

Most property managers know that navigating tenant rights can be a sensitive business. Screening applicants is no different. It’s one of the most important steps landlord can take to protect their properties. Landlords must navigate a thin line between the qualifications they have in mind to evaluate prospective renters, while ensure that they are in compliance with regulations and laws, both at national and state levels. Nathan explores this territory and provides some best practices in this article. Read the full article here.

Why I Will Always Allow Pets in My Rental Property

Property managers who have a strict pet-free policy may want to reconsider after reading this piece. Not only does allowing pets tend to reduce tenant turnover, but there are ways that landlords can cover themselves with any anticipated costs that may ensue from pet wear and tear. No one wants to see beloved family pets end up in shelters because of limited housing choices, and there are ways to help families stay together – furry and all. Read the full article here.

Should You Hire a Property Manager? Here’s What to Consider

When you purchase an investment property, you have two management options: property management or self-management. While everyone’s situation is different, management of a rental property does include many required tasks: rent, tenants, property maintenance and repairs, business operations, and more. A property manager can take on some of these tasks to help alleviate your responsibilities and stress. Nathan explores key topics to help you make a decision including the time and expenses of managing evictions, vacancies, and raising rents. Read the full article here.

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