mutlple tenant payment accounts

Give your tenants more ways to pay rent online with new multiple tenant payment account options from Rentec Direct.  

When it comes to paying rent or other rental related expenses online, your tenants might prefer to use more than one bank account or credit card to make the payment.  Which is why we announced a new feature last July that allows tenants to schedule recurring rent payments with their credit card accounts, whereas previously it was limited to bank accounts for ACH transactions.  Along with that update came an improved interface on the Tenant Portal to allow tenants to add multiple payment accounts to the system and select which account they want to schedule payments from.

As it turns out, this feature was not just a massively popular feature for tenants, but as property managers noticed the improvements that tenants had available, we’ve had countless requests to extend the management interface with the same capabilities.

New Features For Managers and Landlords

Today, those wishes come true!  The management interface has been updated to include the same features.  You (as a property manager or landlord) can now securely add multiple payment methods on behalf of the tenant.  Then either you or the tenant can use those payment methods to schedule one-time or recurring rent payments.

This roll-out also solves a couple issues we had reported.  An inconsistency presented itself when both the tenant and the manager made edits to the same payment account.  This update solves that issue.

This new feature is automatically activated if you are setup for online payments.  Just right-click on a tenant and choose “Online Payment”. Then select “Manage Payment Accounts”.

multiple tenant payment accounts

As always, Rentec Direct employs bank grade security features to keep your tenant’s payment information safe and secure.

The benefits of accepting online payments.

If you are not already accepting online rent payments, you might be missing out on some major benefits.

  1. Rentec Direct offers the service free!  This is a hugely valuable service you can provide your tenants at no cost to you.  Online rent payments via ACH (electronic check) transfers are included with your Rentec Pro or Rentec PM subscription.
  2. Tenants love it!  Tenants can login to their portal or the Resident Connect mobile app [ android & iphone ] to schedule rent payments from anywhere.
  3. It saves you time.  With online payments the money goes directly from the tenant’s bank account into yours and the transaction automatically posts to the tenant’s ledger.  No checks to bring to the bank, or cash to count.
  4. Fewer vacancies & less turnover.  Our data shows that renters that have their rent scheduled to be paid automatically through Rentec Direct are happier and stay longer.  This means less turnover and fewer vacancies for you.

Check out this video for more information on the benefits of collecting rent online from your tenants.

Help Enhance Rentec Direct

These software updates are the result of valuable feedback and input from our awesome clients. If there is a new feature or a software enhancement you would love to see added to Rentec Direct, let us know. Learn how to Vote on Feature Requests here.

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