Live Chat with Rentec Direct

Introducing a convenient new way to find answers to your software questions and management needs, with Rentec Direct’s NEW Live Chat support.

Live Chat allows users to ask a software expert from the Rentec Direct client success team anything directly from with in the program. Each chat is answered by a real person in our U.S.-based office who knows exactly how to answer your questions and help you use the software efficiently.

Soon you will notice a Live Support button in the lower right corner of your screen after you’ve logged in.  If you have a question about the software you can quickly talk to one of our property management software experts without even picking up the phone.  Just click the chat bubble and you’ll be connected to one of our US-based support staff.

If any issue requires a little more help than an easy written explanation, we will give you call and walk you through the process.

I like talking to a real person. Can I still call your customer service support line?

Don’t worry, if you prefer to speak by phone, you can still call us toll-free at 800-881-5139 too.  We are just adding chat as an additional way for you to reach us during business hours.

Just in case you aren’t into chat, or want to turn the bubble off, you can turn it on or off at any time.  Just click the “Live Chat On” link within the footer of the application.  That will give you the option to disable the live chat option in the event it gets in the way of your productivity.

We are very excited to begin offering live chat support for all of our Rentec Pro and PM clients!  In fact, Rentec Direct is the only property management software solution to offer instant live chat support in-app.  That’s because we are absolutely committed to always providing you the best class of service in the industry.