Crunchy leaves, pumpkin spices, early sunsets, and spooky nights. It’s that time of year for your favorite fall activities.

Fall marks the official beginning of the holiday season, starting with the sweetest and the scariest come October 31st.

A new National Confectioners Association (NCA) national survey reveals that more than three-quarters of Americans will hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year and many others will participate in community-sponsored Halloween events, display a seasonal candy bowl, or attend a Halloween party.

With that kind of nationwide engagement, you can be sure your renters are bound to take part in the festivities.

Before the sugar high hits and the creepers come’a crawlin’, there are few steps a property manager should take in order to give their residents the safest, and most fun, Halloween. Ensuring your rentals are prepared for a safe holiday season will increase your reputation with your tenants and the community overall.



Taking the steps to ensure Halloween safety is an important part of property management and owning rental properties. Remind your tenants about property rules, including quiet hours, parties, and decoration guidelines, before they have a chance to break them.

Halloween is also a great time to kick off resident events for your community. Host a costume contest, have a pumpkin carving party or simply hand out candy in your office.

Are you the owner or manager of a Single Family Home? If a resident event is unrealistic, how about sending a simple Halloween card to say hello and show your appreciation for your tenants.

In honor of this spooky holiday, Rentec Direct is hosting a Renter Horror Story Contest. Share you scariest, grossest, funniest, or most ridiculous renter story and you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Submit your Renter Horror Story to by Oct. 25, 2016.