From mechanical to digital, technology has shaped the modern world with systematized processes that drive productivity.  The addition of computers and software, in particular, has helped revolutionize our lives making things not only easier to do but also provides us with the ability to complete tasks that seemed unimaginable only a few decades ago.

This infographic from Capterra follows the history of software from the advent of the first mechanical computer in 1822 and the development of mainframe computing to the rise of client-server software and its evolution into software-as-service.  Pay attention to 2008 when a very special software entered the market to serve property managers and landlords worldwide.

Software has become an integral part of our lives and its history is as fascinating as it is important.  As this infographic illustrates, even with all the progress the tech industry has made, the future is bright for the business software market as it continues to grow with fresh ideas and services.

How has software and technology shaped your professional and personal life?

What technological advances are you hoping for in the future?