When it comes to managing properties permanent data storage is paramount for retaining all of those important files. To fill that need we offer unlimited online file storage for all subscribers. We back up all your data to make sure that it is safe and sound from any threats.

There are so many different types of data that need to be safely stored to efficiently manage properties. Some examples of the types of data that need to be stored include; files specific to the tenant such as the application, lease agreement, tenant notices, inspection notes, etc. There are also files specific to the property such as receipts for repairs, photos of the property, etc. It is vitally important to keep these records safe and available. We have responded to this need by providing unlimited file storage. Data storage is available to all of our members and ensures the absolute best in safe-keeping of important documents.

The unlimited online data service is ideal for documents as well as pictures and videos. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video even more. When you think about it how easy would it be to record a video while doing your inspection? It’s a powerful tool that just about everyone has access to and with unlimited storage space, you never have to worry about how many files or the file size. Videos are one of my favorites because they are faster than taking pictures, and can be annotated with a voice-over during the walkthrough. This easy to use method provides solid proof of the condition of the rental property prior to move-in in the event of a deposit dispute at some later time. Because videos are large and difficult to securely store on your home PC, our online file storage is the perfect answer for this and many other types of files.

In addition, having an offsite backup is required in the property management business and all other industries which store agreements or consumer information. Computers and their components are always malfunctioning not to mention natural disasters like fire or flood. It is so very important to follow industry best practices and routinely backup data at an offsite location. We are so pleased to provide the property management and landlord segment with a reliable, solid, offsite file storage and management solution.