Big Data Storage Online Technology Database Concept

As business professionals; landlords and property managers handle sensitive information about tenants, owners, and properties. It’s important and required that we keep our important and confidential data safe. Some of our data storage needs includes; files specific to the tenant such as the application, screening information, lease agreements, tenant notices, inspection reports. In addition, there are also files specific to the property such as receipts for repairs, photos of the property, maintenance schedules, etc. These important records need to be kept safe and available. We all know that having the data on our home PC does not ensure that the data will be safe. A computer, server, or storage device can crash, get hacked, get a virus, or the machine may just quit working. As professionals we cannot afford to lose any of these important documents.

Having at least one additional copy of all of your data is mandatory to run a business. Data can be backed up to an external device. However, backing up to an external hard drive has its limitations for 1.It doesn’t protect you against fire, flood, etc. if both devices are in the same location and 2. an external device generally requires a manual copy of the data which can be easy to forget and 3. an external hard drive may fail.

Storing data online is now recognized as the most reliable and simplest method to store your important files, photos, and videos. You can easily do this if you use an online property management software, such as Rentec Direct. Subscribers are provided with an unlimited amount of secure online storage of all of their important business documents as well as secure accounting and payment processing solutions.

To ensure that your data is protected, Rentec Direct is always reviewing their security practices and making sure that they are alerted of any possible security threats that may be sweeping the nation. This online solution is much more reliable and safer than any workstation. Having an application that runs on a workstation is much more prone to loss of data or being hacked.

Rentec’s Online Software

Home PC or workstation

Servers are routinely scanned by a 3rd party security vendor for viruses or hacking attempts

Viruses and malware are written for the home or office workstation

Servers are backed up on and off site with redundant copies at each locale.

User error can result in incomplete or non-existent backups.

Enterprise grade hardware and software provide a high reliability. Technologies such as RAID (hard drive mirroring), replication, load balancing, and other high-tech methods

Home or office use hardware and hard drives can and do routinely fail.