Electronic signature concept. Man press sign key on computer keyboard.

Now partnering with HelloSign–same amazing e signature features, seamlessly integrated to meet your business needs.

The ability to accept electronic signatures for processing lease agreements online through Rentec Direct’s software has streamlined your job as property manager or landlord even more.

Rentec has partnered with DocuSign, the most trusted and well known electronic signature service provider. It’s easy to send documents related to your rentals to your tenants to sign electronically.  These documents are not only legally binding they are also immediate. The use of an electronic signature saves the landlord or property manager from the email, print, sign, scan and return process. A once five step process is now totally automated saving you the landlord or property manager valuable time. Subscribers can create and upload their lease agreements and other documents that are accessible to tenants for signature.

DocuSign is recognized and in use in 188 countries around the world. These legally binding documents comply with requirements in the united states as well as many other international statutes.  This is the easiest, most secure, and fastest way to get lease agreements and other documents signed.  On top of all of these great benefits using an online electronic process is a “green” practice because it is a paperless process.

In order to get going with DocuSign an “envelope” or electronic file with specified documents needs to be created. Once created you simply send an email to the prospective tenant with a link to the “envelope”. The prospect is then able to review documents and electronically sign them. The language in the document is clear that if the sign and then finish button is selected that they understand the terms of the document and agree wholly to them.  The signed document can be found in the tenant’s File Library within Rentec’s software.


The electronic signature feature with DocuSign costs $4.99 per envelope. Each envelope has an unlimited number of pages and documents available. In addition, the envelope can be sent to multiple parties if needed. This cost can be passed on to the tenant as part of the application fee if desired or paid by the property owner. This time saving tool is well worth the cost when considering the alternative.