Rentec Direct offers free check printing directly from the software including blank check stock printing for all existing Pro, PM, and Rentec for Associations customers. You can use your laser printer to print all the check fields including the MICR line (the machine readable routing and account # line) just make sure you’re using the required MICR toner and that your printer is properly aligned.

To use the check printing feature simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. In Settings, go to Manage Bank Accounts, and select whichever bank account you would like to use.

  2. In Settings, go to Accounting Defaults and choose the type of blank check stock you are using and fill in all the required fields completely. These fields include contact information, the banks name and address, and of course the routing and account numbers. While in this tab it is recommended that you select Yes to ‘Show the Accounts tab‘ this will make getting to your accounts quick and simple.

  3. If you would like you can at this time also setup vendors if you wish to simplify your check writing experience in Settings go to Manage Vendors.

    * PM users can also setup owners in Settings under Manage Owners.

    Any existing vendors and owners will automatically populate the payee field of the property expense form with the name and address. Users also have the ability to setup recurring transactions and checks will automatically be created and ready to print within the system. This feature is very convenient for monthly fees such as utilities, landscaping, HOA dues, etc.

  4. You can post a new expense to any property. Got to the expense type dropdown menu and select ‘Print Check‘ and if not already selected, choose the appropriate banking account to use.

  5. Once the expense is posted under Settings go to Manage Bank Accounts. Next to each account it will display how many pending checks there are. Clicking on this will open up the check printing window.

  6. If all of this seems a little bit confusing don’t worry we have a help document available just login and select “need help” in the upper right corner of the screen. The help document includes detailed instructions with screen shots of the entire process as well as printer calibration options if your printer doesn’t happen to work well with the default settings. Happy Printing!