tech mastery scholarship winners

Rentec Direct is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship.

The Tech Mastery Scholarship program from Rentec Direct offers assistance to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing an education in technology by helping them achieve their academic dreams and future goals.

The 2020 Tech Mastery Scholarship has been awarded to 4 students working towards a degree in computer science or related field. 

“It’s enduring to see so many powerful young minds express an interest in helping our society advance by learning about technology and choosing a career path in tech,” says Nathan Miller, president of Rentec Direct. “Many of our applicants demonstrated a great understanding of the role technology plays in our lives and how vital it is for our future. It’s an honor to support these students and help them continue to grow.”

“As an internet-based organization, Rentec Direct is directly influenced by changing technology. We want to support future technology influencers and we found one of the best ways to do this is to encourage academic achievement through a scholarship program,” explains Miller.

Tech Mastery Scholarship

As part of the application process, students are asked to answer the following question:

What are some of the greatest obstacles the tech industry has overcome in the past five years and what, if any, major obstacles do you foresee for the industry in the future?

Essays are judged on the level of creativity, humor, and content.

“We were so impressed with our applicants this year,” says Miller. “So many students have already achieved so much in the industry through academics and extracurricular activities. We are excited about their future and how the world will benefit from their drive and tenacity.”

2020 Tech Mastery Scholarship Recipients

Kaitlyn Dickinson, Oregon Institute of Technology

Kaitlyn will be a sophomore at Oregon Institute of Technology in the fall and is currently studying Software Engineering. Kaitlyn chose software engineering because she wants to help people and solve problems. Kaitlyn says she hopes to, “contribute to new discoveries, come up with my own innovations, and take my mom on a nice vacation.”

Kaitlyn’s dream job in the tech is to be a software developer in the Aerospace Industry.


Kyle Coleman, CUNY’s Queens College

Kyle ColemanKyle will be a junior at CUNY’s Queens College in the fall and is currently majoring in Computer Science. Beyond the academic advancement of his current course load, Kyle holds a CompTIA IT Essentials Certification.

Kyle has aspirations of being a video game developer one day and has even gotten a jump start by creating his own game, LazyCube, which is available in the GooglePlay store. 


Elisha (Shai) Mann-Robison, Northeastern University

Elisha Mann-RobisonShai will be a freshman at Northeastern University in the fall, majoring in Computer Science. Shai says, “I know that even as I study computer science in college, my true study needs to be people, in all of their complexity, learning to understand, collaborate, and solve our most critical problems.”

Shai’s dream job in tech is to be a computer programmer who, “create[s] magnificent programs that change the world.” 


Shanti Mickens, MIT

Shanti MickensShanti will be a freshman at MIT in the fall, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Before graduating high school, Shanti created two apps that combine math and sports to help improve students’ numerical fluency. The apps are available on the iOS and Android stores, and Shanti is currently working on creating a web version for schools to use in their classrooms. 

Shanti hopes to be a software developer one day and says, “my dream job is one where I go to work with a smile on my face because what I am making is going to make a difference in someone’s life.”


Rentec Direct introduced the Tech Mastery Scholarship in 2016 for students pursuing an education in computer science or technology.

The next deadline for the Tech Mastery Scholarship is April 15, 2021.

About the Rentec Direct Tech Mastery Scholarship

Rentec Direct will offer up to four $500.00 scholarships per year to outstanding college students pursuing an education in Computer Science, software development or other closely related fields of study.  For more information about eligibility, requirements, and upcoming deadlines visit Rentec Direct’s Tech Mastery Scholarship page.

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