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Access the webinar recording here: General Ledger Accounting Flow

Your Ledger transactions are the backbone for all your financial reports. Understanding how ledgers in your account are used separately and in connection with each other to track your income and expenses is vital to getting the most out of your property management software.

Rentec Direct recently hosted a free webinar for clients to explore general ledger accounting flow and all that goes into understanding the logic of your ledgers. This valuable webinar includes tricks and tips from your Director of Client Experience, Janell Kittleson with input from Kathryn your Rentec Direct Client Success Team Lead.

This webinar is incredibly helpful for new clients and is perfect for any clients who feel challenged with accounting processes related to interconnected ledgers. This webinar covers the basics such as what ledgers are, how ledgers are connected, and how to understand ledger entries. You will also find helpful information on which program settings affect ledgers, how to find (and avoid) common mistakes, and much more.  Don’t miss out on this helpful webinar.

Access the webinar recording here: General Ledger Accounting Flow


  • What Is a Ledger
  • How the various Ledgers are connected
  • Is there a ledger for business transactions?
  • Where to locate Ledgers in your account
  • How to understand Ledger entries
  • How to record Ledger transactions correctly
  • Which Program Settings affect Ledgers
  • How to avoid and find common mistakes
  • Understanding Ledger reports
  • How to export Ledger activity

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