closetless storage solutions

Rental living can come with a host of benefits like amenities from gyms to pool- or simply the lack of dealing with large maintenance issues- can make living in a good rental a dream.

However, having limited space does have its setbacks, and not having enough (or any) closet or pantry options can be at the top of the list.

If you find yourself in the position of needing more storage, but most solutions you can find seem costly, or require a hard installation, these tips can have you well on your way to organization heaven.

Bookshelf Mudroom:

If your entryway has a little extra space, but no extra storage, simply remove shelves in an old bookcase and create a place to hang your bags and place shoes, right next to your front door. You will no longer have the need for a coat closet or mudroom; this is a particularly excellent solution for families with school-aged children. Additionally, you can utilize the same amount of space by attaching removable hooks directly on the wall and placing a small cuby shelf directly below the coats.


closetless rental entryway

Armoire as Pantry: 

Pantries are the mecca of kitchen organization. Allowing you to store all your food items, bulky countertop appliances, and erroneous kitchen utilities in a convenient spot. This haven allows you to utilize your kitchen cabinets for what they were made for, your dishes and utensils. If you’re a renter that is lacking a pantry but have a little extra floor space this DIY solution could be just what you need.

Instead of stuffing your cabinets to the brim, or using a shelf to put your bulk food out in the open, consider purchasing a standing pantry or repurposing an armoire. Add a few hooks for hanging pots, dishtowels or other items, install a spice rack on the inside of the door, and adjust the shelves as needed. A few minor adjustments will turn a traditional armoire into an excellent pantry, providing shelving, storage solutions, and most importantly, allow for an aesthetically pleasing way to hide all your non-perishable foods and bulk items. The best part? If it doesn’t fit in your kitchen area, you can sneak it in your living area without anyone giving it a second thought.

armoire as pantry

Display That Dishware:

Most everyone has a few decorate mugs or bowls they couldn’t bear to part with. Don’t relegate your eclectic or favorite pieces to the back of the cupboard, display them on a shelf for easy-access, and an added pop of color. Not only does this solution add design and style to your kitchen, but it frees up coveted space in the cupboard for items that are bulky or pose a design challenge.

Mounted Baskets for Towels:

If you are finding yourself unable to find a spot in your bathroom for all your guest towels but don’t want to purchase an expensive cabinet that may not fit in your next place, this solution can be a stylish solution for a rental that lacks a linen closet.  Simply purchase a few nesting baskets, mount them to your wall, and roll up your guest towels to store.

Be sure to review your lease to ensure you are allowed to use nails in your rental or find a basket you can hang on your wall with a few command strips. It’s an easy-access solution for bathing guests to self-serve, and an easy to remove solution for you. Don’t you just love a win-win?

closetless solutions


Ladder Linen Rack:

If you need an organized way to store towels or extra blankets, consider finding a vintage ladder to stand against your wall. It provides an eye-catching way to display your antique quilts and throw blankets and ensures that they are easy to find when guests come along.

Bookshelf Headboard:

If you are a bit short on space, go vertical. Simply replace your existing headboard with a storage-providing bookcase. Whether you choose a traditional option with more storage, or select a more modern look that will provide room for a few select items, making storage out of an otherwise dead space is an ideal solution. Not only will this ensure instant style, but you can store all of your favorite photographs, knick-knacks and, of course, books in a convenient and organized location. For added style, consider categorizing your books by color, or adding baskets to hide extra papers or accessories that you want out-of-sight.

For added style, consider categorizing your books by color, or adding baskets to hide extra papers or accessories that you want out-of-sight.

cubby headboard

Finding a great storage solution does not have to be costly, or require unapproved hard installations. Renter-friendly solutions simply require just a little bit of creativity to add style and organization to your space.

Have any ideas we missed? Help fellow renters out by sharing them in the comments!