It’s almost time for the event that avid sports fans and dedicated snack fans alike wait for all year: Super Bowl Sunday!

If you find yourself wishing you had planned a fantastic resident party that your tenants will be talking about as much as the halftime show, it’s not too late. As long as you already have the ability to show the game, these last-minute ideas will ensure that  that your tenants will have a great time and you won’t need a month to plan.

Spread the Word:

A party isn’t a party without attendees, and there’s nothing worse than planning an event and having no guests. Save yourself the disappointment and wasted time by ensuring that everyone knows about your last-minute bash. Coordinate with active residents in the building, and instruct them to spread the word. Post a few flyers in key meeting spaces and high-traffic areas to sure tenants will see them. Get the word out through your company’s Facebook page, or your closed group for residents.

Maximize the Guest List:

A resident event is the perfect time to invite potential renters to come and experience the culture of your community. Since some residents may have previous plans, pad your guest list by inviting applicants to enjoy a low-key event. Inform potential renters of how often you host events and let them know that this will be the ideal opportunity to get a feel for them on a smaller scale.  Events are the perfect time to market your property for new leases and renewals.

Game-Day Grub:

Keep food simple. Regardless of what caliber of event you plan to host in the future, a last-minute event is no time to get fancy. Thankfully, game-day food is painlessly easy to make for a large group–even last minute. Try cooking multiple packs of hot dogs in a crock pot, buy pre-cut veggie and cheese trays, or make a nacho or potato bar with buffet-style ingredients so guests can do most of the prep work themselves. Add some crackers or chips and a few drink options and (with minimal effort) you’ve got a spread that everyone can enjoy.

Support the Commercial Enthusiasts:

Not every resident will be the biggest sports fan. Since you will likely be met with attendees who enjoy the comradery, commercials, and half-time show more than the game itself, take a corner of the room to set out fun board games for adults and quiet toys for any children that will be attending. This can provide sports enthusiasts–and their commercial-loving counterparts–entertainment throughout the whole event.

Decorate Lightly (If At All):

Residents will be focused on the game, so this is one event that doesn’t require any real decorations. This can be great news for an event planner on a time-crunch. However, football shaped plates and a few pennant banners can be a simple way to make the event more fun. If you find that those crockpot hot dogs were so simple to make that you have additional time, consider covering the serving tables in black paper. Use a white paint marker to draw simple plays with X’s and O’s for a festive way to ensure easy post-party clean-up.

Resident events are excellent ways to promote community and enjoy the camaraderie that develops between tenants, and the Super Bowl is the perfect event for residents who want to get to know their neighbors in a very relaxed setting. Regardless of whether you have been planning for an event since last year or last Tuesday, it’s not too late to celebrate with your tenants.