The Rental Owners Association of Southwestern Oregon invites property management software experts, Rentec Direct, to present Tenant Screening options for property managers and landlords on Thursday, October 23, 2014 in North Bend, OR.

Rentec Direct was honored to have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Oregon coast this past Thursday to meet with the members of the Rental Owners Association of Southwestern Oregon to provide insight on the value of Tenant Screening.  The Association is part of the larger, Oregon Rental Housing Association, which is a professional statewide organization of businesses and individuals involved in the rental housing industry.

The Association of Southwestern Oregon’s members include private landlords and property managers, who manage both single family homes and multi-unit properties.  Rentec’s Sales Director, Janell Kittleson, accompanied me to the meeting and we had the pleasure of meeting a few of our current customers in person as well as introducing ourselves to those who have not yet worked with Rentec Direct.

We were asked us speak about the importance of Tenant Screening and how simple the process can be for landlords and property managers who use property management software, like Rentec Direct, to process tenant screening reports.

Tenant screening helps landlords and property managers assess a prospective renter’s ability and willingness to pay rent on time and for the full lease term.  And it helps answer these important tenant related questions: Do they have the income and employment to afford rent? Do they have a track record of paying rent? And do they have a track record of paying other bills?

Properly screening tenants with a thorough credit and background check can help you protect your property and yourself.

  • Protect your property – you want to rent to responsible individuals that will take care of their home and respect the property you own.
  • Protect yourself– you want to rent to tenants who will pay the rent on time and for the full lease term

Rentec Direct gives property managers and landlords the tools to

  • Check an applicant’s criminal background at the state, county & national level.
  • Review an applicant’s credit report to check their payment history and see if they have any outstanding debts or filings against them to determine an applicant’s creditworthiness
  • Validate social security numbers to make sure your applicant is who they say they are and eliminate any fraud associated with the SSN
  • You can also check your applicants rental history to see if your applicant has been evicted

With online Property Management Software like Rentec Direct,

  • Reports are accessed and controlled by the property manager or landlord, this means you do not have to wait for the tenant to retrieve their report and submit it back to you
  • You can generate instant Tenant Screening Reports, 24/7
    • No limit to the times you can run reports, and they are displayed on your computer the second you enter your applicants information and click submit
  • You can set up your account and start running reports usually within the same business day, so you can fill vacancies faster
  • And you have the option to bundle all your reports together in a package and retrieve the information all at once, or pull individual reports

Rentec Direct understands the need and value for properly screening tenants and wants to provide all property managers and landlords with the tools to run tenant screening reports instantly.  We were excited to offer our insight and services to the Rental Owners Association members in Southwestern Oregon and thank them graciously for their warm welcome.