Warm Weather Tips for Landlords

Caring for your rental property in the warmer months as a landlord or property manager has its share of to-dos, but when accomplished, they will pay dividends. From boosting curb appeal and maintaining outdoor amenities to ensuring HVAC systems are in top shape, these warm weather tips will help you keep your rental properties in excellent condition and your tenants satisfied throughout spring and summer.

Every season brings its share of to-dos for property owners, and comes with its own maintenance needs and challenges. The warmers seasons are no exception to the rule, but add in the complications of cooling and utility bills for tenants and landlords alike. 

Spring and summer may bring good times outdoors and fun in the sun, but to ensure that your property is protected from the heat and that your tenants are able to enjoy all that your rental property offers, there are a few key areas landlords should focus their attention on throughout the warm weather months. These warm weather tips for landlords and property managers will ensure that your rental properties are ready for whatever the warm seasons bring.

Highlight the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal plays a vital role in attracting and retaining tenants; an appealing exterior can have a big impact on your property’s ROI long-term. Seasonal attention to the exterior of the property can ensure that you mitigate liability from trips, falls, and damage to the building.

Spruce up the Landscape:

Whether you opt for a lush grassy yard, or decide to boost the landscaping’s appeal with native plants, focusing on the landscaping during the lush warm weather months is key to getting the most out of your rental property. It will also ensure you give your tenants the best experience possible. Planting flowers, trimming vegetation, adding mulch to protect your plants from hot days are all key to ensuring your rental property’s yard looks its best.

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Maintain Outdoor Amenities:

All amenities play a part in a tenant’s enjoyment of the rental property. If any advertised amenities are unexpectedly out of order, this can leave a sour taste in your tenant’s mouth. Outdoor amenities are no exception to this rule. Whether your property boasts an outdoor seating area for BBQs in warm weather or your property’s highlight is an outdoor pool, there’s no doubt that your tenants will be eager to use these features once the weather begins to warm up. Take time to spruce up your outdoor areas and tend to any needed maintenance.

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Interior Maintenance:

Time for an Inspection:

Regular maintenance is key to protecting any property, but planned and regular inspections are also critical when dealing with a rental property. Schedule a time with your tenants for an inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. Look for any indications of damage, disrepair or excessive mess that could attract pests. While you’re unlikely to find anything far beyond the ordinary in a routine inspection, there is always a chance that a bad tenant is causing expensive damage. A routine inspection is a great way to ensure that this isn’t occurring and can serve as a gentle reminder to everyday tenants that the property should be kept in good condition. This inspection time also provides an easy opportunity to connect with your tenants and check in.

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Service Air Conditioners or HVAC:

Warm weather means your tenants will begin using their air conditioning, and excessive heat can put that use into overdrive. Before it gets too far into the hottest seasons, be sure to have a pro check your air conditioning or HVAC at the property. A quick service and inspection can prevent an unpleasant emergency repair down the road.

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Tend to Your Tenants:

Your tenants are the heart and soul of your success as a landlord or property manager, and just like with any other people-focused job, customer service is key. Even with the best tenant screening methods, finding great tenants can be a chore, so be sure to care for your tenants and keep them satisfied.

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Offer a Check-In:

See if there are any areas of concern. You may find that your tenants are willing or able to remember more issues that they would not have reported, otherwise. A small leak in the pipe under the sink may be a simple annoyance to a younger tenant, who may not realize long-term damage the water can cause. Small issues are easier to fix than emergent problems down the road, so take the time to check in. Keeping your good tenants happy can go a long way to preventing vacancies as the rental market begins to soften. Often, saying yes to a great tenant can have a positive impact on your ROI.

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Know How to Say No:

If your tenant makes any unfulfillable requests or offers too many complaints, be sure you know how to address them with professionalism and understanding. You may have to say no to a specific upgrade, or may not be able to do much about the ambient noise in a downtown property, but knowing what struggles and pain points your current tenant is having can give you insight into how likely they are to stay long-term and can help you find the right tenant for the property in the future.

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Offer Deep Clean Services or Tips:

Spring and warm weather mark a great time for tenants and landlords alike to engage in spring cleaning or warm-weather decluttering. Why not take advantage of this time of year and ensure your rental property is looking its best? Offer your tenants some deep cleaning tips in your newsletter, or offer them a gift of a carpet clean or other cleaning service. Your tenants will appreciate the gesture and you will further protect your property, making the expense a win-win.

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Pass Along Hot Weather Tips:

Letting your tenants know that you care about them doesn’t have to be involved, simply giving them the tips and tools they need for the season can go a long way. This is especially true if those tips can result in savings on their bills! As you enter the warmer months, be sure to pass along information that can help tenants save cool without sending their energy bills skyrocketing.

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