Rental Listing AdCreating beautiful rental ads that attract the right future renters is easy. A well crafted listing will also serve as your first step towards screening your rental applications, saving you time down the road.

You can follow these simple steps below to create an informative and descriptive online advertisement for your vacant rental property.  Most listing pages are overloaded with properties, so it is important to make sure your listings stand out from all the others. A well written ad will set you apart from the competition and help you get the property rented faster, reducing vacancy time.

Informative Headline

When scanning dozens of rental listings, your renters want the need to know information first. This helps them narrow down their search results based on price range, number of bathrooms and location.

Here is what they want to know:

  • Monthly Rent
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Housing Type (House, Duplex, Apartment, Condo)
  • Neighborhood or City

Example: $1,800 – 2 Bed/2 Bath Duplex in Pacific Heights SF

The only amenity you might consider mentioning in the headline would be if you accept pets. This will guarantee that a lot of potential renters will click on your rental listing.

Unique Features

The first part of your rental description should help your future renter visualize what it would be like to live at your property. Offer a tidbit about what is unique about the property and why it stands out against the other.

Example: Bay views, private yard, new appliances, hardwood floors, walkable location.


Offer a couple descriptions that add charm to your rental listing ad. Don’t stuff it full of meaningless adjectives, but a couple well used words will paint a nice picture of your property.

Example (pick 2 max): Charming, Cozy, Spacious, Private, Quiet, Well-Lit, Modern, Funky

Highlight the Basics

Reiterate the important property features like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, outdoor space, and pet policy.

Example: Spacious, modern 2 bedroom, 2 bath duplex, with a private balcony, no pets.

Bullet the Amenities

Give your future renters the information they will want to know. Providing this information in your rental ad will save you from answering these questions during a phone interview.

Renters want to know about: parking, laundry, A/C, Internet, appliances, pool, spa, workout room, community rooms, and most importantly your pet policy.

If you manage a luxury apartment make sure to highlight to additional services you provide tenants, to help justify the higher rental rate you will be asking.

Talk about the Neighborhood

Offer some details about what is nearby to attract future residents. Walkability is becoming an important feature to a lot of millennial renters. Be sure to highlight schools, shopping, restaurants, and parks that may be in walking distance. Also give details about how close public transit may be to your property.

Beautiful Pictures

Good pictures are the bread and butter of an enticing rental ad. You want to show off the property in the best light and truly allow your future residents a glimpse at what it looks like.

Learn More : How to Take Better Rental Listing Photos

Rental Application Process

Let your renters know what you expect out of a rental applicant. This serves as your first step in pre-screening your tenants.

Renters want to know:

  1. How to apply
  2. How much the application fee will be
  3. If you are performing a credit check (and what your minimum acceptable score is)
  4. If you are performing a criminal background check
  5. What the upfront fees will be (security deposit, first and last months rent, etc)

If you let your future know you will run a credit and background check as part of your application process you should receive fewer unqualified application to sift through.

Contact Information

Let your renters know how they contact you and how they can schedule a property showing with you. Some renters will want to see a property before they submit an application.

How your renters respond to the instructions in your rental ad will also act as a first wave of screening. If they don’t follow instructions well, how well do you think they will uphold lease terms?

Don’t Discriminate

Remember Fair Housing Laws when crafting your rental listing ads. Fair Housing regulations prohibit discrimination based on protected classes, like race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.

One protected class that often gets abused in rental listings is familial status. You cannot say “perfect for families” in your rental listing. Even if you wrote this as a friendly descriptor, with no intention of discriminating single renters – you can still be found to violate Fair Housing laws.  Learn more by visiting the article – Are You Breaking Fair Housing Laws Unintentionally?