Tenant Screening Package

For property managers and landlords with more than 50 units, you can now access premium tenant screening packages from Rentec Direct for only $15.00.  The premium tenant screening package includes a credit report, criminal records check, eviction search and social security number validation on your rental applicants.  

Evictions are expensive and stressful. The best way to avoid them is to rent to top-notch tenants, who have passed your tenant screening criteria checklist.  Reviewing an applicant’s credit report, criminal background and rental history will give you insight into their financial responsibility, rule-abiding behavior, and respect for rental properties.

Rentec Direct offers you tenant screening solutions that are seamlessly integrated with your property management software. We know you work hard managing rental properties, so we made access to tenant screening reports as easy as possible for you.  In seconds you can have instant access to credit, criminal, and eviction data viewable in your Rentec Direct account.

Rentec Direct just updated the pricing structure to give you more affordable options for ordering premium tenant screening packages. If you manage more than 50 units, your price is only $15.00, that’s 50 percent less than the old price!

In order to update your account for discounted tenant screening, you just need to update your subscription in your Rentec Direct account.

How To Modify Your Rentec Subscription For Better Tenant Screening Prices

  1. Login to your Rentec account
  2. Click the Settings Tab
  3. Select “Your Account & SubscriptionTenant Screening
  4. Select [modify subscription]Premium Tenant Screening
  5. Confirm Your subscription by clicking the “Modify Subscription” button*Update Subscription

That’s it! In just a couple simple steps you can start taking advantage of Rentec Direct’s newly reduced tenant screening prices.

*Note: In some cases modifying your subscription to access the reduced tenant screening prices will affect your monthly subscription fee. The Modify Subscription fee will show you the change (if any) before you update your account. Your subscription fee may go up or down depending on how many units you manage.