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LTPM is merging with the Rentec Direct Blog – You’ll find the same great content in an easy to navigate, awesome format.

Let’s Talk PM is now part of the Rentec Direct Blog.

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Let’s Talk PM is wrapping up operations and joining forces with the Rentec Direct Blog to offer you the best in educational content for landlords, property managers, investors, and renters. The Rentec Direct Blog provides exceptional resources on all property and rental management related information to help make your job easier and better.

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About The Rentec Direct Blog

The Rentec Direct Blog offers readers access to industry trends, insider tips, fun facts, and expert advice relevant to residential property management and the rental industry.

The RD Blog helps over 100,000 monthly readers by providing free articles written by industry experts on every topic imaginable. The RD Blog provides simple solutions, accurate answers and relevant information to every question asked by property managers, landlords, owners, and tenants. Every article contains actionable advice giving readers key takeaways they can apply to their rental needs.

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So, what happened to Let’s Talk PM?

Let’s Talk PM was a free professional network for property managers, landlords, investors, and vendors, serving the industry for nearly a decade. Originally a social networking platform for like-minded individuals to share property management related experience and advice through articles, forums, groups, and connections, Let’s Talk PM has evolved to better serve the industry’s needs. 

Over the past few years, the social networking tools, forums, and group feature of Let’s Talk PM saw less and less activity as industry professionals turned to other sources for industry connections, like Facebook, Twitter, BiggerPockets, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. As the decision was made to turn off the social networking features that were no longer used by members, we wanted to explore other options to ensure that the educational articles were getting maximum exposure. We decided to join forces with the Rentec Direct Blog to take Let’s Talk PM’s content into 2019 and beyond.

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The Rentec Direct Blog is the premier destination for readers to access to industry trends, insider tips, fun facts, and expert advice relevant to residential property management and the rental industry.

The Rentec Direct Blog receives over 100,000 monthly visitors and is a great place to share your knowledge with a wide audience.

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  • Rental Trends in Your State or City (laws, rent increases, Market Data)
  • Marketing Tips
  • Property Management How Tos
  • New Landlord Tips
  • Real Estate Investing Tips
  • Tenant Screening
  • Landlord Advice

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Benefits of Contributing to the Rentec Direct Blog

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Writing articles about industry related trends, tips and events demonstrates your expertise and value to the industry. When you publish an article on the Rentec Direct Blog, you can send a link to all your current and future clients, showing them that you know exactly what you are talking about.

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Thought leadership builds credibility and grows your active following and client list.

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Ever heard of that familiar marketing term, SEO, and wonder what it means for your property management business. Well, SEO and web presence go hand-in-hand.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the criteria used to determine how your website or business will show up when someone “Googles” you.

Links that point towards your website from your blog play an important role in your SEO strategy. Relevant links to and from your website establish authenticity and credibility to your website and show search engines how you relate to the location and industry you are trying to rank for.

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