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Internet Explorer Issue with Large Ledgers

By on September 29, 2010 in Support with 1 Comment

It’s come to our attention that when your ledgers start getting large (thousands of entries) that IE (Internet Explorer) begins to really have performance problems.  We have confirmed our HTML code is compliant with HTML standards, so this is a problem with how IE handles more complicated web sites that include AJAX and Javascript such as Rentec Direct. As is demonstrated by a search for “ie sluggish” on Google and the 1.2 million results it receives, many users have similar trouble with Internet Explorer all across the web.

We have confirmed however, that other popular web browsers do not have this issue.  Until either IE solves their performance issue, or we are able to find a work-around, we are recommending users who frequently review large ledgers use one of the following popular web browsers.

firefox Firefox from the Mozilla corporation is quickly becoming the most popular browser in the world.  It meets standards better than Internet Explorer, is faster, and we have confirmed it works extremely well with Rentec Direct, even with very large ledgers.

chromeGoogle has released Google Chrome as a competitor to the web browser market that is also significantly faster and more compliant than Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome is also confirmed to work well with Rentec Direct and large ledgers.

Once you download and install either of these web browsers, simply navigate to, and login like normal.

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About the Author: Nathan is the founder of Rentec Direct and has been pushing buttons at Rentec since 2008 when the first of many servers drew the very first kilowatt of power from the grid. He has a passion for application security and spends an incredible amount of time ensuring your data is protected. When Nathan is not day-dreaming about 1's and 0's, you may also find him "tuning" the development schedule to get that next big feature in your hands sooner or enjoying a ski day at Mt Bachelor! .


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  1. Rentec Support says:

    We’ve released an update to Rentec Direct to help with this issue. While this fix does help with the IE sluggishness issues, because the Rentec application is so heavy in modern html/javascript, both Firefox and Chrome do work much better and faster. IE works fine; however, just isn’t quite as fast as those other two browsers.

    We’ve added a feature to allow a customizable limit of the number of records returned in ledgers. By default the limit is 250, which for most properties would return about 5 years worth of data. The limit can be reduced or increased by visiting Settings, Program Defaults. Also, at the top of any limited ledger is a link to display all records.

    This update will cause larger accounts to load much faster, and eliminate the hang bug in IE.

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