Owners of large multi-family units or commercial buildings may want to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the tenants and their guests. Some security measures that can be taken include; hiring a security company, installing security cameras, and providing well lit areas for tenants as they come and go.


Security Company

Hiring a security company to have a permanent station on your property can be a viable but expensive option. Another good, less expensive option in the security guard realm would be to hire a contract security company to do a property inspection periodically throughout the day.


Security Cameras

Installing a security camera system can also be a good option or alternative to improve the safety of the premises. There are security cameras of all different types, from the small unobtrusive ones that blend in well with your outdoor lighting or landscaping to the conspicuous cameras that let there presence be known. If the smaller inconspicuous cameras are chosen, however,  it is recommended that signs be posted that announce the presence of the security cameras.

The initial cost of installing a camera system can be high, it just depends on the type of camera system chosen. Some things to consider when purchasing a security camera system are; how will this footage be monitored, will the cameras run all day and night, what type of resolution and memory capabilities will suit your needs best, and how far do you want each camera to reach.


Security Gates

Having a gated community for  your multi family 0r commercial property can cut down on crime and keep tenants safer. Again this is a fairly expensive initial cost but can be a long term security solution. By having gates that require a code to be entered prior to entrance to the property this would reduce or eliminate unwanted potentially dangerous guests.


Secure Well Lit Passageways

The parking lot or stairwells are prime locations for unsuspecting individuals to fall victim to a violent crime. In order to reduce the likelihood of this type of occurrence it is important to make sure that these areas are well lit and highly visible. Installing lighting and making sure they are functioning can go a long way to making sure your property is secure. Another great way to reduce the risk is by making sure that shrubs and other obstructions to sight are minimal. Keeping areas open with high visibility will greatly reduce the opportunity for criminal activity.