Online tools for rental management provide the necessary organization and efficiency for this branch of the real estate industry. Automated rent collection, streamlined accounting, and file management are some of the valuable features property managers and landlords look to software to help them. But along with the modern convenience of working online comes vulnerabilities that can potentially threaten our businesses if our data gets into the wrong hands.

It’s absolutely essential that we understand the potential security risks of working online and take the necessary steps to protect our information. Since property managers and landlords are responsible for maintaining confidential records and managing funds for tenants and owners, it’s even more important that you work with online companies that prioritize system security.

Account Security at Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct upholds the highest standards of bank-grade security for our property management software and constantly looks for ways to improve the service. With internet security threats constantly evolving, it’s vital that our software engineers evaluate our software to ensure our clients’ data stays protected.

Here’s a look at the recent features and tools Rentec Direct uses to ensure the highest level of account security among property management software across the industry.

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Rentec Direct Account Security Updates in 2023

  • Two-Factor Authentication Required on all Merchant Accounts
  • Two-Factor Authentication Recommended for all Accounts and Subusers
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Methods: Passkey and Text Messages
  • Suspicious Activity Email Notifications: New Login Attempts, Restricted Login Attempts, ACH Bank Account updates
  • Ability to Require Two-Factor Authentication for Subuser Accounts
  • Recommendations for Secure Logins (Avoid Google search and bookmark the correct login)
  • Notification if your login information is found on third-party sites

Additional account security details and a technical explanation about the Rentec Direct servers and system security can be found here: System Security and Offsite Data Backups

Keeping your Account Protected

While Rentec Direct remains protected against external threats and hacking attempts, it’s equally important to help our clients understand the risks of internal threats when someone’s account login and passwords get into the wrong hands. We take every step possible to help you protect your account if a bad guy somehow collects your username and password through a social engineering or phishing attempt.

Two-Factor Authentication

The best way to protect yourself from a phishing attempt is to set up two-factor authentication, which is why it’s required on all Rentec Direct accounts with payment processing. Passkey two-factor authentication remains the most secure option, which requires anyone attempting to access your account to have a physical key. Text message two-factor authentication is another secure option and will require you input a code sent to your mobile device in order to get access to your account.

Email Notifications

Rentec Direct will send you the following email notifications that should alert you of any suspicious activity in your account.

New Login Attempts: When someone attempts to login from a new location, you will receive an email, if it seems suspicious you should change your password and enable two-factor authentication.

Restricted Login Attempts: If you have your account set up to block international and/or VPN logins, and someone attempts to login internationally or via a VPNyou will receive an email notification. If the attempted login was not from you, you should change your password and enable two-factor authentication.

ACH Bank Account updates: If a user or subuser adds a new ACH bank account or updates an existing bank account, you will receive an email notification about the activity. If you do not recognize the changes, or if you get a lot of changes in quick succession, it could indicate that there is unauthorized use of your account. You should log in and immediately change your password.

Avoiding phishing sites

Bad guys online can learn your username and password if you accidentally type it into the wrong website. Sometimes these bad guys create fake websites that look identical to a legitimate website. There is often no way to identify a phishing site from the real site other than verifying the exact spelling of the web address. If you are accessing Rentec Direct, that web address will always begin with or

To avoid accessing a phishing site, you should bookmark the legitimate login page to your account and make sure the url is spelled correctly. The Rentec Direct login page is

Red flags for phishing websites include misspellings, long delays, redirects, or an unfamiliar home screen or summary page when you first log in. If you experience any of these, find the correct login url and change your password and enable two-factor authentication right away.

Final Thoughts:

Rentec Direct takes security very seriously, and we have made it a priority to provide more features and education to ensure that you and your whole team use your software in the most secure manner possible. If you have any security questions or want to learn more about best practices for security be sure to attend the security webinar with Rentec Direct president and founder, Nathan Miller, or send questions directly to

Learn more: You’re Invited | Q&A With Nathan Miller: Account Security Webinar

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