If you have been following the Rentec Direct Blog or our social media channels, you might have caught on to our excitement about the a new Rentec Direct logo that we are releasing in 2015.

As a special treat, Rentec Direct users will begin to see the the new logo appear on our website and social channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter as early as December 31, 2014. Over the next couple of days, we will integrate the new logo into the internal software and continue to update our online presence and featured content with the new logo.  

Rentec Direct New Logo

We believe the new logo reflects the professional, modern components of our company’s values and goals, with an approachable and easily recognizable brand image.  Our goal is to give our clients a simple, reliable, and secure service through professional solutions and outstanding customer service.  As Rentec Direct’s software evolves to deliver the most up-to-date computing and management options, we wanted an updated logo that represents these values.

The good news is, the logo re-design did not change the software or slow down development of new features within Rentec Direct’s system.  We strive to continually improve the software with a dedicated development team which is independent from the graphics and PR team.  We are pleased to say, that this year alone, Rentec Direct had 12 major system improvements added to the software based on our clients’ feedback and suggestions, along with hundreds of smaller updates which happened automatically.  And in 2015, we are looking forward to announcing some major improvements to the system as early as Q1.

We are starting 2015 with a fresh new look to represent the same great, reliable software and services from Rentec Direct.  We are grateful for our outstanding clients and look forward to another great year of providing property management software, tenant screening services, and industry news and tips directly to you!

New Logo for Rentec Direct