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Welcome to Rentec Direct. My name is David and I can’t wait to show you how this software has helped over 13,000 landlords and property managers efficiently run a successful rental business.

Rentec Direct has all the tools you need to successfully manage your rental properties online.

Why I love Rentec Direct

I truly love Rentec Direct and what our solution does for landlords and property managers.

I was once a property manager myself and wish that I had a tool this robust and easy to use … rather than spreadsheets and QuickBooks.

That fact is, the Sales and Client Success teams at Rentec are made up of individuals with property management experience. This isn’t just a happy accident, but a commitment to excellence that is driven by a genuine interest in your success.

What’s more, despite having clients all over the country, we are all based in southern Oregon. How refreshing to know that you will speak to a US based staff who understand your business!

Here is a great video that gives an overview of the cloud based solution that will help you manage your rental properties successfully and efficiently:

Book an Online Tour of Rentec Direct

If you are interested in an online tour, you’re welcome to book some time on my calendar.

To give you the best look at the software, you’ll be able to view my screen live during our call. You can access the screen share through this safe and secure service from RingCental.

Download RingCentral before our call to view my screen liveDOWNLOAD HERE

My Favorite Blog Articles

Rentec Direct offers one of the industry’s best educational resources for managers, landlords, investors, and renters on the Rentec Direct Blog.   You can find free eBooks about managing rental properties, industry news, rental law updates, landlord tips, management best practices, trends and more.

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