rentec_syndicationThere are many effective ways to advertise your rental property the traditional methods of  staking a“For Rent” sign in front of your property, the newspaper and/or posting flyers. Aside from these advertising techniques, you can also advertise your property to a much larger audience and it’s quick, cheap and effective- online promotion.

Posting your vacant rental property ads on the Internet allows thousands of people who are looking for vacant properties access to view your property. Using the Internet is now very important for your rental business as most prospective tenants prefer looking for rental properties online.

Along with the Internet, you can easily post the information about your vacant rental unit through your property management software. With the help of the Internet and powerful software you will:

  • Not have to worry about publishing the complete details every time your property becomes vacant because the data will already be stored in the database.

  • Be able to provide detailed online ads – complete with descriptions, pricing and pictures of the property. Rentec Direct’s rental software can provide a unique mini-website for each of your properties.

  • Easily post vacancy listings to the world’s most popular rental listing websites such as Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow.

  • Easily create attention-grabbing Craigslist ads using the Craigslist generator tool of your property management software.

  • Reach prospective tenants with minimal effort. People from all over your state, the country, and even the world can easily find your rental advertisement by searching for rental property in your area. By doing so, you can save money by not having to put ads in various papers or print out flyers. You can also save a lot of time by not having to call various newspaper institutions or drive from location to location to post your flyers.

  • Have an ad that is easily accessible and will get you quick response time. Your ads will be accessible 24/7, thus your ads can be accessed anytime day or night. Additionally, you will have an ad that is accessible by people who browse the Internet from their mobile devices. This way people can easily conduct a search during their lunch time or while waiting in a line.

  • Have the ability to accept applications online.

The use of modern technology to publish vacant units can help you get more prospective tenants wanting to apply to rent your property which will decrease your business vacancy rate. With online posting, you can get prospective tenants’ attention by providing them with a well-written and descriptive ad with high-definition images.

If you want to lower your vacancy rate and promote your rental business effectively, use the Internet as a tool for listing your properties.