personal business emailEmail correspondence is the primary form of business communication with over 205 billion emails sent and received per day. To further standout as a professional in your industry, you can easily obtain a personal email that corresponds to your business and domain name.

For example, looks more professional than  Also, a short email address attached to a branded domain name is easier to remember than a long email address with a generic email domain.

Some website hosting platforms offer email hosting options, but the systems can be hard to navigate, experience downtime and tends to look outdated. I have found the most robust, easy and trusted email server is Gmail from Google.

Google offers email hosting services through their Google Apps for Business. This service allows users to set up an email address for any domain name that they own. You then get the full suite of Google Apps, which are great for collaborating on business projects. I personally am a big fan of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Everything is available in the cloud, and Google Docs even lets you work on projects without an internet connection.

Accessing a custom email address, with your business’s web address, is included with the Google Apps for Business package. Google charges just $5 a month, and with a free domain from Rentec Direct, you can access the most affordable custom email hosting on the market.

If you are a property manager or landlord, you can register for a free domain with Rentec Direct available in your Rentec Direct property management software.

How To Set Up an Email Address for a Domain You Own

  1. Register for a Free Domain Name with Rentec Direct*
  2. Send an email to letting us know you would like business email for your new domain.
  3. We start the email setup process for you and then send you instructions for the simple steps you need to take to complete the registration process directly through Google.

That’s it. You can then go too and input your new email address and password to start using Gmail for your email hosting.

Note: Using Gmail for email hosting for a domain you own is different than having a Gmail email address (like but you can log into either type of email account from the same “”. Sound confusing? I promise it is easy, but feel free to ask for clarification in the comments.

Interested in having a business email address attached to a domain you registered with Rentec Direct? Send an email to and we will start the process for you to attach your web address to the email hosting features of Google Apps for Business.

If you paid to register your domain name with a company other than Rentec Direct, you can still use Gmail for your email hosting.  However, the Rentec Direct support team will not be able to help you set up the email service for you.

Check out these instructions from Melyssa Griffin for help on doing it yourself.  

If you already use an email service provider, like GoDaddy, you can easily switch to a gmail account.

Gmail is just one of the options for email hostings that works well for business. While Rentec Direct does not provide email hosting, there are many companies that do.

Note- Since this is a manual process on our end, set up for email can only take place during normal business hours. We provide our awesome clients with free, personalized support Monday-Friday 6am-5pm (however, we want our team members to enjoy time with their families on the weekend!). If you send us an email over the weekend, we will happily take care of your request the following Monday.

*Rentec Direct is currently offering free domain registration to clients for 1 year.  After the first year .com domains renew at $12 per year.