After a long six months of research and development, and after ample requests for such a powerful feature, we’re very pleased to announce that Rentec’s property management software now includes bank synchronization support!  This means just like Quicken or Quickbooks you can download transactions from your bank directly into Rentec.  For banks that support “Direct Connect”, the process is fully automated and Rentec will do all the work with the encryption and connection to your bank.  For banks that don’t yet support direct connect, you can easily import a standard QFX or OFX file (often referred to by banks as a Quicken file).

To use this new feature, edit your bank account, then select your financial institution from the dropdown list, and enable the service.  Then from the Accounts tab, right-click on the account and choose “Sync w/ Bank”.  For a full step-by-step guide, click “need help” in the upper-right of the application and search for “bank sync”.  Or you can review the bank sync instructions here.