tenant deposit ledgerWe are introducing some significant improvements to the security deposit ledger functionality today.  Based on your feedback we’ve expanded the features and simultaneously simplified the interface.  Sounds impossible right?  Here’s how we did it:

  1. You can now print checks directly from the security deposit ledger.  From Pmt Type, select Print Check and be sure to select the correct account the check should be printed from.  The check will be added to your print check queue.
  2. The form actions has been transitioned from a drop-down option box to radio select boxes on the left.  This provides numerous benefits:
    • When an action is selected we can now show you just the necessary form elements (lower-right) to complete that operation.  No more guessing which fields need to be filled in.
    • Each action has a description next to it so new employees can quickly be up to speed.  Each action is now self-explanatory.
  3. A new option (Transfer Deposit) was added to the list of actions.  This new action will take funds from the security deposit ledger and transfer them to an Owner or Account ledger based upon your selection.  This feature was designed with property managers who transfer security deposits to the property owner in mind.  UPDATE 4/14/2015:  This function has been updated to transfer funds to the affiliated property rather than the owner directly.  The end result is the same in that the owner accounts gets credited; however, it now properly flows through the property to comply with trust accounting laws.
  4. The popup window for the ledger is now larger to accommodate both more ledger entries without scrolling and the new form fields below.
  5. Other improvements or fixes added into this release:
    • The print ledger report (launched from the printer icon in the top-right) used to load behind this window, it now loads in front as originally intended.
    • Account drop-downs now include the account number to the left of the account name and are sorted accordingly.
    • In special circumstances the deposit balance (tenant ledger) would show red even when paid in full.  This issue is was corrected.
    • Printing checks to tenants (throughout the application) now print “First Last” vs “Last, First”.