Rental Property Safety ChecklistProviding safe and healthy living conditions within your rental properties remains a legal responsibility for property owners and managers.

Property safety requirements cover a broad range of needs including: keeping tenants free of harm, reducing the threat of foreseeable criminal intrusions, and providing a property that will not negatively affect a tenant’s health.

Conduct regular inspections of your property to ensure that you will catch any potential issues before they become a safety hazard or cause expensive property damage.

This safety checklist will help you identify key areas to assess at your rental properties.

Rental Property Safety Checklist


Click here to download and print a PDF copy of the Rental Safety Checklist.

Be sure to schedule safety inspections at least once per year, and always inspect between lease terms to be sure you are providing safe conditions for tenants. It is important to keep records of your safety inspections, complete with notes on the date and photographs. This will help you keep track of your properties condition and will serve as legal documents should anything happen to your rental home.

Regular inspections combined with timely responses to any tenant-submitted maintenance requests can help ensure you have a  safe and damage-free property for years to come.