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One of the very most important tools as a landlord or property manager is tenant screening reports. If you subscribe with Rentec Direct you can easily obtain the information needed to make an informed decision on who you allow to live in your or your clients investment property. Rentec’s credit and criminal background check are fast, affordable, accurate, and will give you an idea if a prospective tenant has a history of paying there bills on time and if they have enough income after bills to afford the property.   The last thing any landlord or property manager wants to deal with is chasing after the rent check every month or worse having to go through the eviction process.

Rentec’s comprehensive property management software is a one stop shop for all property management needs. The tenant screening products offered by Rentec are top of the line and meet all industry standards. Criminal background reports are available at the county, state, and national level. Credit Reports are available and are provided instantly using TransUnion, one of the three nationally recognized credit reporting agencies. Social security number validation reports provides assurance that the prospective tenants aren’t fraudulently using a false identification. An address verification report is available and can inform you if the prospect is including all of there previous residences or leaving something out to possibly try to cover up what could be a bad referral. An eviction report provides information on whether an applicant has ever been evicted.

The great thing about using online property management software is that it’s always available anywhere you have access to a computer and internet anytime of day and any day of the year. Rentec’s screening can be ordered report by report or you can order reports as a package.

I’ve included below what is included in each of the screening packages and the corresponding price. Rentec is currently offering a huge discount on the premium tenant screening package. With all of the reports provided and $20 off the pricing is much lower then any competing companies. The product offered is better or equivalent to any of the competition.

Tenant Screening Services
If you’re still not convinced check out our video preview of how easy the tenant screening process is.