Spring is the perfect setting for fostering community, and Earth Day provides the perfect excuse to host a resident event at your rental property. Whatever you choose to do for your residents and Earth Day, be sure to focus on the benefits of green initiatives and create opportunities to develop a sense of community among your residents and your management team. This April, try out one (or more) of these 5 Earth Day ideas for your multifamily property.

Earth Day is April 22nd, and it gives you the perfect occasion to celebrate with a resident event.

Resident events are great opportunities for developing a sense of community among your residents. They allow your management team to get to know residents on a more personal level, and encourage residents to enjoy where they live. A well-thought-out resident event can also result in a decreased turnover. 

Renters are known to appreciate green initiatives provided by their multifamily residences. According to studies, apartment shoppers are increasingly considering green features as must-haves when searching for apartments. This is especially true for Millennial renters who claim they are even willing to pay more for sustainability and energy-efficiency housing.

So, this Earth Day, encourage your residents to foster relationships with their neighbors while creating or enjoying a more green environment.

This infographic offers the best ways you can create an event out of Earth Day activities your renters will enjoy.

earth day
  • Plant: Host a planting station where your residents can plant their own indoor greenery. Small pots can be purchased for cents on the dollar, and local nurseries may be willing to provide bulk pricing on plants.
  • Recycle: Encourage more recycling by adding bins in foyers and community areas that may only have trash currently.
  • Meatless: Going meatless can have health benefits and benefit the environment. Host a delicious meatless meal for your residents to enjoy!
  • Garden: Creating a resident garden is a great way to inspire community within your property. Earth Day marks the perfect time to start planting those hearty veggies for all residents to tend and enjoy.
  • Relax: Remind your residents to take a moment to enjoy the Earth by providing a quiet space where residents can rest, paint, or read outdoors.

Gathering your residents together for an activity is always a great way to encourage retention and strengthen your resident community. While using a lighthearted holiday to serve as the background for a party, your residents (particularly millennial residents) may enjoy a green-focused event this year.

If you can’t replace all the property’s appliances with energy-efficient solutions, you can still add value to your tenants’ lives and celebrate the environment by recognizing Earth Day. Landlords who value green initiatives and market a property’s environmentally friendly features will appeal to a wide range of renters, especially in the millennial cohort.

Take advantage of the resources available to landlords who connect with a large group of people through resident events in order to make a positive impact on the environment and build a sense of pride among your tenants who value green features in their rental homes.

This article was originally published in April 2017 and has since been updated