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Jason Lundgren

Jason Y. Lundgren has over 13 years expertise in the development, construction, ownership, management, rehabilitation, re-syndication, and rental marketing of multifamily housing, for both private sector complexes and projects built under Sections 236, 221(d) 4, and 231 of the National Housing Act.

Jason Lundgren is a graduate of the University Of Kansas School Of Business, is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, and is an Officer of Young Management Corporation.

Young Management Corporation is among the top property management firms around Kansas City, MO.

What is a Good Return on a Real Estate Investment?

By on October 8, 2018 in Education with 3 Comments
What is a Good Return on a Real Estate Investment?

Numbers never lie. Good investments require analysis. If you do your math right, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what your investment’s return will be. Setting unrealistic rates of return on investments is one of the main reasons new investors lose money. Most newbie real estate investors simply don’t understand how compounding works. Essentially, […]

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