Renter Secrets

Unfortunately, the reality of a landlord-tenant relationship is that some renters think lying to their landlord is reasonable behavior in order to avoid eviction.

Most of the time a landlord will be able to see through the lies and move on to the next tenant.  Other times, an honest landlord believes in the integrity of their tenants and assumes their renters are always telling the truth.

It’s the honest landlords that are most likely to fall victim to these common renter lies.  Here is a list of common secrets your renters might have in order to make their lives seem more believable and for them to get away with lease breaking behavior.

Renter Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

  1. The rent isn’t in the mail. I never sent it. But I guess I will finally get around to it now that you called me about it.
  2. Also, thanks for not charging me a fee for paying rent late this time. I guess that means that I can always pay rent on the 15 with no consequences.
  3. Did my current “boss” have great things to say about me?  That’s good, I bet my best friend would say the exact same things too. (Good thing you didn’t Google my workplace and call the number listed on the website.)
  4. Hey, thanks for the heads up about the inspection, it gives me time to have my unauthorized pet go to my friends house for a playdate.
  5. Yes, that’s my boyfriend’s truck parked in the driveway. Of course he doesn’t live here, he totally has his own place.
  6. Those cats in the backyard? They must be the neighbors.
  7. I don’t know how to use Photoshop, but I do know how to use Paint to put my name on the glowing Credit Report I provided you.
  8. My grandpa didn’t pass away. I just don’t have enough money in my checking account to cover rent right now.
  9. I noticed the leaking sink about 6 months ago, but I only just let you know now that it stopped working entirely. I swear all that water damage must have happened overnight.
  10. I don’t smoke, do drugs or like alcohol. Same goes for all my friends. I also hate parties. LOL
  11. My original roommate moved out a year ago, but don’t worry someone else is living here now. I meant to tell you but forgot.
  12. Of course I don’t smoke. Tobacco is gross. Weed on the other hand…
  13. Hanging pictures, mirrors, posters and curtains with small nails and screws doesn’t count as putting holes in the wall, right?
  14. Yep, I have been totally changing the air filter every month like you asked. Where’s that air intake vent again?
  15. Oh, were you serious about leaving the water running during the freezing winter months. Oops!

Any landlord or property manager will be quick to share the stories about their lying tenants.  With these renter secrets exposed, we hope you can see through the lies and avoid a costly situation.  

Have your tenants lied to you before? Share your stories in the comments.