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January 2017

Rentec Direct Review

Brett from Binder Properties LLC says “We have about 25 rental properties and flip 5-7 properties per year. The software has been easy to work with and allows us to view our information from practically anywhere.”

Pros – Ease of use and price.

Cons – The reoccurring transactions can be a bit tricky.

Advice to others – You can’t go wrong by trying out the free program.

Jan 2017 rentec review

Melodie from Assured Investment Management says, “I have used Rentec Direct for over 5 years and I would recommend them to anyone. They are easy to use and the customer service is really great!”

Advice to Others – This program is totally worth what you pay for. I wouldn’t go back to any other program.

Jan 2017 rentec review

Marsha from Neo-Realty.com says, “We got Rentec Direct for our Property Management department about 3-4 years ago – it was so easy to set up and get started with extremely intuitive and easy to use, great features and functionality and if you ever need them, the customer support folks are top notch and very knowledgeable and friendly. They have a “Knowledgebase” built into the software program that actually answers the majority of the questions you might have and it walks you through how to set everything up. Even those of us who have never used YARDI or other PM programs were able to pick it up right away and use it in on day 1.”

Pros – Easy set-up and user-friendly, great Knowledgebase and customer support.

Cons – none, really

Advice to Others – try the free trial and see if isn’t easy and user-friendly as I say!

rentec review jan 2017

Maria from David Kerner Properties says, “Not only is this software user-friendly but the customer service support is fabulous! I know I can count on them for anything I need!!! Would not go anywhere else!!!”

Pros – Extremely user-friendly. Has everything you would need to run a business. They have thought of everything. They are always improving and finding ways to make our job easier.

Cons – None

Advice to Others – Choosing Rentec Direct is a no brainer.

rentec review jan 2017

Dan from Trademark holdings LLC says, “Love it, product I have used for the price very easy to use self-explanatory lots of different functions”

rentec review jan 2017

Denise from Greenwhich Land Company, Inc. says, “We have been using Rentec Direct’s software for over 2 years now. We are very happy with the program, specifically how easy it is to use. We find Rentec to be very user-friendly. However, when I do encounter a problem, I either email or call their support desk, they are on top of their game, especially Kathryn, I haven’t come across a problem that she cannot solve!!”

Pros – I would have to say I like that support has remote access to my system. It makes it so easy to explain an issue that I am having. Although they will not do it themselves, they have me solve the issue so that I can “learn” how do take care of it next time.

Cons – There are a few things that I would change in Rentec and have submitted my requests. It does take a while for them to be implemented, however, I’m sure they get many suggestions daily.

Advice to Others – I would, and have recommended Rentec to other Property Management companies.

rentec review jan 2017

Michael from Lake Oroville Gold Country RV says, “Excellent Sales service and a solid program. 90% customization and all around great reporting software.”

Pros – Cheaper than their competition

Cons – Reports could use more customization options

Advice to Others – Do the demo and make sure you have a solid idea of what you’re looking for so you can ask the right questions.

rentec direct review

Susan from Cornell Properties says, “Fantastic value. Low cost with great customer service! You can’t go wrong.”

Pros – Customer service.

Cons – Lots of features. Can be overwhelming for someone with a small property to manage.

Advice to Others – Just do it! You won’t be sorry.

George from George Harris Dist Inc says, “Great product. Exceeded my expectations 🙂 Especially being able to advertise our available properties for FREE.”


John from Bella Vista Housing, LLC says, “For less amount of month, this software does everything I need. In fact, I’m incrementally learning more about it every time I’m using it. It creates a perfect report in excel for my accountant. It’s a great product.”

Pros – Manages all the finances (income and expenses) of my rental properties. Also manages documents, leases, applications, etc.

Cons – Can’t think of one.

Advice – Try the free version first.

December 2016

Kati from Thurman Properties says, “The system makes it really easy to keep track of expenses per property as well as keeping track of rent payments and late fees. I would highly recommend this to other property owners as well as property management businesses.”

Rentec Review 2016

Jeff from Unlimited Investments says, “Rentec is the best and easiest to use accounting program for keeping track of your rental properties. Taught my wife in under an hour.”

Pros – Ease to use

Cons – None

Advice to Others – Give it a try

Al from Futrell Properties, LLC says, “We have a small property business with only 25 units, so we do not need a killer application. Rentec Direct has proven to be a nice fit in terms of functionality as well as financially. Entering data is very easy and the application provides several different ways to view the data so that analyses are quick and to the point.”

Pros – The price is right, but so is the functionality. I am not sure how well this application would work for an operation that had several hundred units, but for our small business it seems to be good. It saves us a great deal of time and enables us to be more productive by allowing us to assess our expenses per property quickly and accurately.

Cons – At times, we have to sort of figure out how to get the output we want. Some of the pages use terms that do not always seem intuitive, but this is really not a major issue.

Advice to Others – Whatever application you decide on will probably make your life easier. I tried about four different applications before I decided on Rentec Direct. I am not that one size does not fit all, so take the time to make sure you are getting an app that you feel comfortable with and that you feel you can trust.

Scott from Reflex Home Rentals says, “When I started out as a landlord about 2 years ago, I looked at many of the free or inexpensive property management products. I tried several of them, and there are quite a few good ones. In my opinion, Rentec Direct is the best one. I find it very easy to use and quite versatile. It seems more intuitive than some competing products. The Customer Support team responds to questions very quickly.

I can generate virtually any report that my accountant needs. I can easily see how my investments are doing.”

Pros – Very easy to set up and use.
Very responsive customer support team

Cons – None to speak of as of yet.

Advice to Others – If you need a free or inexpensive property management product, please do yourself a favor and look at Rentec Direct. You will not be disappointed.

Sarah from The Chrysalis Group says, “I have found using Rentec to be enjoyable. It is a great value for the money.”

Pros – Ease of use, great online support

Cons – Lack of accounting diversity

November 2016

Elizabeth from Classroom Sage, “I have just beginning the software for managing our rentals, and so far it has been a great help. I am looking forward to using more of the features as I become more familiar with it.”

Pros – Variety of features.

Cons – Haven’t found one yet!

Don from Hall Construction & Property Management says, “I can’t say enough about how helpful their support is. They always pick up When I call quickly or call me back right away. When I’ve called or emailed I always get somebody who knows what they are doing and they answer my questions quickly.

The software is very easy to use and it has helped me manage all of my properties. When I do have a question I just call and they show me how to do it.”

Pros – Strong accounting software, ideal for landlords like me.
Amazing customer support.
Tenant screening is very good in the system.

Cons – Can’t think of anything I don’t like, these people are amazing.

Advice to Others – Whatever solution you use, be sure to screen all your tenants. I really like the reports provided by Rentec.

Greg from Medina & Medina Management says, “I’m consistently impressed with Rentec Direct’s support and products. When we signed up it was to just do one tenant screen, but we found out they also have a complete software solution for managing our portfolio of properties. I used to use Quickbooks but after using Rentec’s accounting tools for just a week I was sold because Rentec is so much easier.

The other things that I really liked about this company is they tell it like it is. Their pricing is straight forward and they don’t hide anything with hidden fees. Every time I contact their support, they are always friendly and very helpful too. I’ve called a few times now getting setup and I always get an English speaking rep who really knows their stuff.”

Advice to Others – Read all the reviews before moving forward with a software.

Erica from Leasing & Etc says, “I’ve had the software for over a month now. It was very easy to learn, easy to transition to from my previous software, and it offers everything I need to run my business!”

Pros – I love the ease of use, pricing, and I absolutely love the free website and domain name!

Cons – Nothing yet

Advice to Others – None

Katie from Overbrook, LLC says, “Rentec Direct has helped us to stay on track of everything! Especially keeping up with rents. There are so many great features and it’s very easy to use. We love it!”

Pros – Keeps everything organized and running smoothly.

Cons – The website they offer looks a little dated and isn’t very customizable.

Advice to Others – Give it a try!

Vickia from E&V Management says, “I enjoyed using the service. After using it for about 30 days things seem to fall in place.

Pros – Receipts, Reports and Sending notification was my favorite

Cons – Quick books setup was not install with management system. You can use it but not like I intented to.

Advice to Others – This is a good management portal to use for starters. Easy to manage properties and the call center was very helpful.

Connor from You Store Here says, “This is a very nice software. It was really nice being able to have all of my properties in one place and see what is going on. With the layout of this you are able to see a picture of your place the address and how much is owed. With this software I was able to keep all of my property organized.”

Pros – Lots of feature in one software.

Cons – None

Advice to Others – This is a very nice software that keeps everything organized.

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