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All the tools for landlords to easily manage properties and tenants
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A complete management solution for professional property managers
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Rentec Direct
property management software gives you...

Reporting System
Create your own custom rentals website for tenants to discover vacancies and attract owners to your business online.
Complete Accounting System
Full bank, property, and tenant accounting features including general ledger accounting to keep your records simple and accurate.
Tenant Screening
Discover the security of knowing the history of each tenant with access to instantly returned credit, criminal, and eviction reports.
Publish Vacancies Online
Instantly expand your reach and find the best renters quickly. Automatically publish listing to 20+ popular rental websites.
Online File Management
Securely store and share important files such as lease agreements, photos, and other documents with your renters and owners.
Free Online Tenant Payments
Automate your rent collection process with free online rent payments for your tenants with eCheck/ACH.
A Professional Website
Create your own custom rentals website for tenants to discover vacancies and attract owners to your business online.

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Scott Davis
Rentec Direct client since 2013

"I started off just using an excel spreadsheet and found that that was not working as I was expanding. [I] then found Rentec and have been able to expand drastically based on the time savings it created."

- Scott
Owner Property Management Group of Oregon
Scott text Scott text 2

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Made for all portfolios.
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Single Family
Small Multi-Family
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Our outstanding customer service guarantee!

Award winning customer service department The American Business Awards keep awarding us the Customer Service Department of the Year award year after year.

Help from start to finish: Whether you are contacting us to help with managing maintenance requests, or need help getting your tenants on-board with the free online tenant payments offered by Rentec Direct, our US-based staff will help you from A to Z.

Easy to reach: You can always expect A+ service from Rentec Direct, and we are easily accessible by phone, email, or chat.
Best in Business Most Customer Friendly award
American Business Awards Customer Service Dept of the Year award

Why use property management software from Rentec Direct?

For starters, we're a pretty fun group of people to work with! Learn more about our staff here.

When you choose Rentec Direct for your real estate management software, not only will you be getting a state-of-the-art system with all the tools needed to manage your business, but we'll also be helping you as much as needed to become familiar and productive within the system. You'll receive unlimited access to our US-based client support. To best serve you, most of our onboarding and client support team have backgrounds in accounting and property management. You get unlimited access to the team by phone, email, and live chat.

Rentec Direct ranks highest in customer satisfaction and our clients recommend us more than any other real estate management platform. We don’t just make this up, it comes from certified third-party reviews where we have remained one of the most recommended software applications for landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rentec Direct is a popular software platform used by landlords and property managers to handle all aspects of managing properties, tenants, and owners. Rentec Direct is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and on any device which enables property managers, along with their tenants and owners, to access their information from anywhere. Rentec Direct has been used by tens of thousands of landlords and property managers who manage over $200 billion in real estate assets.

For general inquiries, Rentec Direct is available by both phone and email. You can reach Rentec Direct by phone at 800-881-5139 or by email at [email protected]. Rentec Direct customers get unlimited free US-based support available by phone, email and live chat.

All Rentec Direct customers get unlimited and free US-based support available by phone, email and live chat. Once logged in, you can click the help button in the top right corner of your Rentec Direct account to access all live support options. You can also reach Rentec Direct by phone at 800-881-5139 or by email at [email protected]. Rentec Direct also offers 24x7 support with our knowledge base and video tutorials.

Each property management software solution has its own unique benefits; however, Rentec Direct shines as the top option in many ways. Rentec Direct was founded in 2007 which makes Rentec Direct one of the most mature options available which means Rentec Direct is going to be better tested and more feature complete than most other options. Rentec Direct is privately owned and entirely debt free, so they remain laser focused on their customer's experience and will continue to be around for the long term to support their customers. Rentec Direct consistently outperforms other solutions in customer satisfaction as indicated by their many industry awards and raving customer reviews and remains one of the most recommended solution by landlords and property managers.

Rentec Direct is a US-based company and all of their employees are located in the United States. Their headquarters located at 231 SW I St, Grants Pass, Oregon. Rentec Direct is unique in that all of their staff, including customer service remains entirely US-based which fulfills one of Rentec Direct's core principals of always delivering the most outstanding service and support in the industry.

Rentec Direct is one of the highest ranked software in the property management industry and is currently ranked 4.8 of 5 stars on Google Reviews. To see real-time unfiltered customer statements and reviews about Rentec Direct visit our property management software reviews page. Rentec Direct has maintained this excellent level of customer satisfaction for well over a decade.

Rentec Direct is ideal for any landlord or property manager who manages residential or commercial properties. Although Rentec Direct includes all major features and functionality available in other software options, Rentec Direct purposefully maintains a lower price point than many competitors because Rentec Direct believes that all landlords and property managers should have access to the best software available regardless of their portfolio size. Rentec Direct is able to accomplish this because we are wholly owned, debt free, and as such do not have revenue requirements from investors. Our roots started with smaller landlords who generally cannot afford the premium prices and minimums found elsewhere and we're committed to all of our customers regardless of size. Rentec Direct works extremely well for both the startup DIY landlord as well as the professional property manager actively growing their portfolio into many thousands of units.

Awards and Accolades

Thanks to our amazing team, our company continues to lead the industry year after year. We work hard every day to bring value to our clients by providing excellent products and quality of service. By being recognized for our work by esteemed organizations, we are confident that we are on the right path.

most customer friendly company award
customer service department of the year award
fastest growing private company award
Real Estate company of they year award
Real Estate Entreprenuer of the year award
Sass company of the year award

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