Secure File Storage

All versions of Rentec include secure online file storage for your important documents and pictures. There are many important reasons we're including this. First, having a backup of your important documents is absolutely critical. Even though computers have come a long way, they are still not perfect, and every day thousands of people lose their critical data due to hard drive or other related computer crashes. By uploading your important documents to Rentec Direct, we are providing a secure way to store these files off your computer.

Your data is safe! We encrypt all communication using the latest SSL encryption technology ensuring that even if somebody intercepted the communication between you and us, it would be completely illegible to anyone in the middle due to the encryption. Additionally, once the files are uploaded they are instantly mirrored on the system via RAID-1 technology, as well as routinely backed up both on-site and off-site to ensure your data is never lost.

Look how easy it is to upload your documents and files.

Every property and tenant has a unique file library associated with them. When editing any property or tenant, you will see the following icon in the lower left of the screen. Click it to launch the file library associated with this record. Additionally, from the Settings tab, you have access to a complete file library which includes common files (that are not associated with a particular record) as well as every file associated with a tenant or property all property categorized.

Each file library (and the general file library) are going to look similar to this screenshot below. Using this could not be easier. To add a new file, click the Browse button, and upload the file. It will instantly show in the list after the upload. All images have an instant preview feature by clicking the preview link which will popup a preview of the image. Or download the full image, or other files, by clicking on the filename any time. If you wish to remove a file, click the red X on the right.

file library

That's it. Your files are now uploaded and stored securely online.