Client Testimonials

Here's what some of our clients have to say..

Rentec Direct is an amazing bang for the buck! The support is excellent. They listen to suggestions and are constantly making improvements. I highly recommend it for your property management business.
Scott Sklare
Synergy Real Estate Group

With Rentec Direct software, my investment apartment building is now grossing close to twice what it was when I purchased the building.
Jeff Yowell
Bourke Properties

Best property management out there. It offers just about everything you need. If it is missing something, you can actually let the creators know and they may very well add it to the software. This is actually the best thing about this company they provide an avenue for ALL users to vote on the next set of changes and the updates the provide are continuously provided. Next best thing, GREAT customer service. I've gotten help with accounting issues that really were mine to solve, they reps are kind and patient and very responsive. 3rd best thing...the price is unbeatable from the time I did my initial research. You have to give them a try...I have been using this software for 3-4 yrs and it's the best decision I have made.
John Richardson
Premier Properties Leasing & Mgmt

So far, I love Rentec!! Customer service, Kevin and Katherine have been beyond wonderful for assistance. I am having a much better experience with Rentec than I ever did with Buildium!!!
Stacey Blair
Howington and Burrell Realty

Your product is clean, not bogged down and very user friendly, Reports are awesome. I simply love it.
Eady Property Management

I will most definitely be recommending it to other property owners. I appreciate the speedy and awesome tech support! Thanks again!
Chris Pearce
Pearce Properties

I just wanted you folks to know that your service is THE BEST!! I could not get the info you provide an inexpensively nor as quickly, anywhere else. Thanks!
Max Fecko
Allied Business

I've been a Rentec Direct landlord for 5 1/2 years! Thanks Rentec Direct for making my life so much easier.
Robin Grimes
KTG Leasing

What I really love is your software. Rentec is the perfect product for my situation. I just needed a simple straightforward system for keeping track of my properties and the ones I manage for others. I don't need 1,000 different functions that I will never use, and I don't want to spend hours learning how to use it. Your product fits that to a tee. Keep up the good work!
Bud Silcox
Silcox Team

This is a clean, simple, and functional product. I have reviewed several others, and they seem so complex to operate for someone like me without the time to actually take hours and hours to learn. Unsurpassed customer service. Keep up the good work.
Jeff Mase
Mase Realty

I am super happy with your software and even called the owner about a year ago to tell him. I tell everyone to use your software and will continue to do so. The customer service I always get is the best too.
Louisa Scheele
Gold Star Property Management

With the addition of, your syndication network really has become quite robust (although it was already very extensive prior to To me, these types of services really show the power that lies at the fingertips of the average person who is willing to make use of the web. 20 years ago, that type of exposure for your rental properties would have taken a whole lot more hustle.
Property Manager in Florida

I have to tell you, your program is amazing. We found your program after doing some extensive research online, and it seemed to be a better fit for us than the other packages out there that advertised every bell and whistle except the ones we really needed.
Amanda Crafton
Crafton Group

Thank you for the quick reply. Your software is simply amazing! The customer support is outstanding. I implemented software in hospitals all over the country as a consultant and I'm not easily impressed. THANK YOU!
Normanhurst, LLC

You guys are GREAT! Thank you.
Gus Bruguera
Property Manager

I appreciate that you took the time to walk me though the process and make sure everything was working properly. I wish more companies had caring support for there product. Thanks again for all your help.
Ernesto Avila
One Option Properties

I am really pleased with your product! I had purchased QuickBooks Easystart but found that it didn't meet my needs. I find Rentec easy to use and it has the features I was looking for in a property management/landlord software product.
Property Manager in Ontario

I like most everything about the program, it is one of the easiest programs I have tried.
Chris Rains
Rains Properties

Thanks! you guys are still the best tech service I have ever had as far as quick and understandable feedback.
Kent Morrow
Sunsurf Properties

Thanks for your response to my requests regarding the Rentec system. It is rare to receive that kind of support from vendors!
Kim Brooks
Property Manager in Missouri

Your software is easy to use, and does provide some very useful features such as document storage.
Property Manager in Texas

I like the online ability to post transactions and my partners can log in to view as well. Since i have moved over to a Linux environment this suited my needs perfectly.
JANC Investment Group

I love the summary page! Immediately you can see everything you really want to know all on one page. Some of your competitors require you to compile a report or sometimes two to see the same info.
Derek Hernandez
Homescore, LLC

It is great to see a company cares so much to respond to enquiries in such detail. It is a rarity these days. All I can say is GREAT JOB, STAY RESPONSIVE, DON'T CHANGE.
Property Manager in Delaware

Rentec Direct is straight forward and easily accessible from my Blackberry. I can't see anything that could be improved.
Alfredo Medina
Property Manager in Connecticut

We love the no frills simplicity of your management system. After just a few minutes of entering information and experimenting with features, we have had no problem navigating the site to find information we need. I have contacted Rentec for support on two issues and they were resolved immediately. To this point your customer service has been outstanding. Thank you.
Property Manager in Missouri

I like tracking the income and expenses for all properties, one property, a unit, or a tenant. This is very convenient because one can see what specific element is or is not profitable. I also like the fact that tenants can log in to the system and check the status of their account, and that they receive emails when a payment or expense is posted.
Michelle Cruz-Santiago
Roche Properties

By the way, really really like Rentec Direct - demo'd a bunch of other property management options and far and away yours is most useful without being overly complicated
Hidden Rim, LLC

Rentec Direct enables a family to rent their house out without going through a costly property management company. It gives me everything I need to manage my own property.
Timothy Ros
Property Manager in Virginia

Thank you so much...I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I am so far VERY impressed with the program and the support that I have received from you so quickly. I can really see how this program will make a difference in my day-to-day management of my properties.
Dana Steffy
Steffy Properties

I love the support I get with Rentec. The team has rapid response time via email. The software is exactly what I need, and I love that its an online app so that I can access it from anywhere, even my phone! Its easy to use and takes no time to figure out.
Tracy Crain
Property Manager in Missouri

Rentec is working GREAT! I had purchased Quicken for Rentals about 2 months ago and it was a NIGHTMARE. In researching I found the reviews on REIbrain and Rentec has been an answer to prayer! It is so easy to use and track tenants late payments, print statements, deposits....I could go on.
Property Manager in Wisconsin

I have tried several other companies software and will have to say I am very happy with your software. It is easy to use and still does the job at a very reasonable cost.
Josiah Baer
Premier Property Management, LLC

Rentec has everything I want without being overloaded and complicated.
Shawn Bailey
Elliott Group, LLC

Very impressed with your Rental web app. Learning curve is short, we configured our account and transcribed last year's rental transactions in a matter of 45 minutes. This was critical for us concerning Federal Income Taxes.
Edward Wilson
Property Manager in Texas

I love Rentec. Suits my needs perfectly. I have some learning to do, but having test driven all of the top ten (and more), your system is the best. I really like the hands on approach from your team. So nice to get a person on the phone, so nice to get quick answers to all my questions.
Theresa B
Bungalows of Kona

You guys have the best support team for any property management software I have ever dealt with, hands down! You are so helpful. If anyone asks me about what rent software I use, I tell them there is only one that makes sense..
Kent Morrow
Sunsurf Properties