We’ve rolled out a significant update to the workorder system based on the many thoughtful requests we’ve received from clients. These new features are available immediately:

  • Brand new, updated layout makes it easier to enter and read trouble ticket data.
  • New numbering system which automatically increments, or allows specific trouble ticket numbers to be designated.
  • New option to delete workorders that you no longer wish to have in the system.
  • A permission to enter checkbox is added and now displays accordingly on the workorder printout.
  • The property name is now included on the workorder printout for larger properties to quickly identify the building the request belongs to.
  • A new resolution entry is part of the edit page, so you now have a separate textbox to enter the resolution of the problem.
  • Quicklinks to post the expense to the property or to the property & tenant.  This replaces the previous functionality which was somewhat inflexible.  This new method automatically saves any changes, then forwards you to the familiar property expense page, which has the full functionality of posting expenses, with all the details of the trouble ticket pre-populated.
  • The popular vendor/owner search used in the post expense page is now carried through into the workorders.  When assigning a workorder, just type the first few characters of the vendor and it will automatically search the database for all matches.
  • You can now specify the priority of the workorder, and when viewing the list of workorders sort by either the date submitted, or the priority.

We have more features to further improve workorders even more in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates.  As always, if you have any recommendations on how the workorder system (or any other part of the software) can work better for you, please let us know by emailing your suggestions to support@rentecdirect.com.