With 2009 upon us, we wanted to briefly outline some of the projects currently in progress and new features Rentec Direct users enjoy in 2009.  First off, a big thank you to all existing customers and partners for a very well received 2008 and for making Rentec Direct one of the most popular new property management software applications!

  1. Online property advertisement was made available in 2008 and is expected to undergo some additional improvements in 2009.   While it does it’s job completely at the moment, we’ll be adding additional customization to the listing pages so it can look and feel more like your own site.
  2. Take applications online.  Since the properties are listed online, why not take applications online as well?  We’ll be providing landlords a customizable application where they can have potential tenants fill out the data right online and have it submitted and stored electronically for your review.  Application fee’s (if any) will be processed right online instantly.
  3. A tenant portal is well under way and will likely be released within the next few weeks.  This is a location where your tenants can login with their own password and see their balance and historical payments and charges.  Also here they will be able to update their email address should it change and modify their email preferences.
  4. We’re working some partnerships with other industry professionals who bring national tenant and credit screening.  We plan to integrate these directly into Rentec Direct, so when you add a new tenant, or receive an application from them, you can access their screening information with a single click.
  5. Automated payment processing.  Ever wanted to setup a renter for automated withdrawal from their checking account to yours?   This technology is called ACH and we’ll be including that with Rentec Direct.

Much more too!  We have dedicated programmers who are constantly working to make Rentec Direct better.  If you have a request to make Rentec Direct a better product or work better for you, we want to hear it.  Please email it to suggesstion@rentecdirect.com.