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Rentec Direct Quick Start Instructions

Here’s a quick introduction to Rentec Direct and how to get started quickly.

The video shown here covers all the tasks listed below. Scroll below the video to see screenshots and written directions.

Summary Screen – The summary screen is where you will land when you first login. The summary screen has at a glance reviews of your financial and occupancy rate in the charts at the head of the screen. You can adjust the settings for these charts on the Settings Page, at Program Defaults.

In the notices window you’ll see entries such as this:

115 NE A St is currently vacant. Move in a new tenant.
Joe Smith has a past due balance of 995.00. Post Payment
John Jones has a $3.00 payment due soon. Post Payment

These notices give you an instant overview of pending actions that affect your tenants and properties. The blue underlined text are links. To instantly jump to the move in screen for 115 NE A St, just click the ‘Move in’ text. To post a payment for either of the two payment notices, click the ‘Post Payment’ link. Additionally the properties and tenants are links as well if you wish to review their details.

Add Bank Accounts & Owners (optional) – If you are going to be managing multiple properties, or properties on behalf of another owner it would be a good time now to go ahead and setup any associated bank accounts and owners. Click the Settings tab, and choose Manage Bank Accounts. Add bank accounts by selecting the Add new account option in the lower left. Enter the type of account and the account name and select Add Account. Repeat this same process for as many accounts as you may have associated with your properties.  For adding owners, click the Settings tab, and choose Manage Owners.  Add owners by selecting the Add new owner option in the lower left.

You can at any time in the future add more accounts, or edit accounts.  Rentec Direct employs leading edge technology in this web application including a right click menu. Any time you see a icon on the line, you can either click this icon, or right click on the line to bring up a context menu of available options, including editing the account.

If you access these accounts frequently, it would also be worthwhile to go into the Settings tab, Program Defaults, and select Yes next to the show accounts tab option.

Add A Property – Your first order of business is to add a property to your account. Use the quick link on the summary page, or click on the Properties tab. Choose ‘Add a property’ at the lower left of the screen. Enter the details for your property and be sure to indicate if the property is a multiplex and how many units the property has. Few fields are actually required; however, it is recommended for record keeping to fill in all known fields. If you added bank accounts or owners in the previous step, within the add property screen you can assign a default account & owner for this property.

Keep an eye out for the help icons throughout the site. Clicking on these will span individual help objects for the individual fields.

Once you submit your first property you will see a property listing under the Properties tab. It will look like this.

As you mouse-over the line, it will highlight and you can right click anywhere to view or edit the details for this property.

If you anticipate tracking management fees for your property and would like the program to automatically calculate and post those fees, you will want to be sure to establish the management fee structure prior to placing a tenant in your property.  To read more about automated management fees, CLICK HERE.

Additionally right from this screen you can place a tenant in this property by right clicking and choosing the ‘Place New Tenant’ link (more about this in the next step). The properties rolling balance is a link which gives you details of every transaction related to this property. The 3 icons on the right are quick links for posting income and expenses, and finally the red X is for deleting the property.

Place New Tenant – From the properties tab, click the ‘Place New Tenant’ link under any vacant property. You will be presented with a screen with all the necessary fields for placing a new tenant in this property. If you have already defined a tenant via the Tenants tab, choose Use Existing Tenant, otherwise enter the basic information for the tenant you are placing in the upper half of the screen.

In the lower half, enter the financial information. Remember the blue question marks will guide you through complicated options. Special note; when placing a tenant for the first time into Rentec Direct, if the tenant is not a new tenant but an existing tenant, you can select the move-in date to be any date in the past. The system will automatically generate monthly rental invoices for the customer for the entire historical period, or you can indicate an alternate day to begin tracking rent charges. You will then want to go in and post all their payments, or at least a sum of their payments to the system to bring their account current.

Once you’ve completed the form, on the Tenants tab you will see your new tenant listed.

The same quicklinks are available on the right as for properties, only these links affect the tenant instead. Additionally if you entered an email address for this tenant, it will show up under their name with a quick link to email them instantly. You can right click on the tenant and select the move out link to move out the tenant either today, or at a future date.

All done! By completing the above steps you have just completed the first necessary basic steps to using Rentec Direct. The system will automatically take care of the new invoice generation for this tenant each month based on your preferences.

Your next steps will be posting payments for the tenants as necessary. There are three convenient ways to do this. First, on the summary screen if a tenant is overdue or coming due soon there will be a link right there you can click. Second, On the Tenants tab, the quicklink for posting a payment is the green dollar sign. Third, if you are viewing the financial details of the tenant, a green Post Payment link will be at the top of the screen.

You may want to explore the other tabs. The reports tab has various useful reports which will come in handy once you have more data in the system. The settings tab has options related to your Rentec Direct account, and program defaults. Be sure to visit the file library where you can upload important documents to the server where they will remain safe forever even if your computer crashes. Additionally, each tenant and property has it’s own file vault for related files such as tenant contracts, property worksheets, pictures, etc.

Thank you for using Rentec Direct. If you have any questions, please email support@rentecdirect.com and we would be pleased to help.

To return to the application, click the Summary tab.