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Unfortunately, at some point, you might be faced with a tenant’s rent check not clearing the bank and you will need to reflect this NSF in their ledger.  To do so, click on the Tenant tab and then open their ledger by clicking on their rolling balance.  From here, find the original payment that did not clear and edit the transaction by selecting the pencil/paper icon next to the amount.  Take note of the date of the transaction and the check number.  Then, press cancel to exit out of this screen.

While still in the tenant ledger, you will want to select $ Post Payment.  Enter the date you received notice of the NSF, enter in a NEGATIVE payment amount that reflects the original payment, select “other” for Payment Type and enter in the original check number for reference.  Under the description, it is helpful to say something such as “Original payment on 6/3/11 NSF” as this will appear in their ledger.  Now you can post this transaction.  This will keep the original payment in the system, and also reflect a reversal of  the payment.  You are now left with a tenant ledger reflecting a balance due in the amount of their NSF check.

**You may also want to post additional ledger entries for late fees and/or  NSF fees at this time.