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There are two ways you can reflect multiple tenants within the program.  One option creates one tenant ledger and file.  The second option creates multiple ledgers and files, tying them back to one unit.

Many times our customers elect to use one ledger/file in the case of roommates that pay their rent in one check each month, such as husband/wife roommates, or in states where they can only accept one rent check per unit.   In the case of roommates that pay their portion of rent and deposits separately and want to access their personal portal separately, our customers use the option of multiple ledgers/files.

For both scenarios, you will want to create the property if you have not from the Properties tab.

1. From the Properties tab choose ‘Place New Tenant’ on the line of the property.

2.  If you are creating one tenant file/ledger, you will want to choose a primary tenant associated with this unit and enter in the appropriate information and click the blue button “Add Tenant.”

3.  After you have done this, you will want to head to the tenant profile to add the additional occupants.  To do this, click on the Tenant tab, click on the menu icon (green arrow under the Actions column) and select Edit Tenant.

4.  From this screen, you can enter in the other occupants in the expandable field on the lower left side. If you would like to see these “other occupants” appear in the Tenant tab, and be searchable, head into your Settings tab, Program Defaults and head into Advanced Settings, #10, to enable this feature. This concludes the set-up for the One Tenant Ledger/File scenario.

If you want to create multiple tenant ledgers and files, you will follow instructions for #1 & #2 above for the first tenant, assigning their portion of rent and deposits in the available fields.

3.  Once the first tenant is placed, re-visit the Properties tab, and again choose ‘Place New Tenant’. This will give you the opportunity to add a 2nd, 3rd, etc tenant to the same property with it’s own monthly charge and deposits. Each tenant will be tracked independently and displayed after the last.

4. To view accounting for a specific tenant, click the Tenants tab, and click the balance for the tenant you wish to view/modify.

5. Once multiple tenants are added to a property, the reports will reflect such and report each tenant independently within the property.