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There are a couple ways to charge utilities to your tenants.  Please select and follow the instructions for the category which best fits your scenario.

METHOD 1: If your receive individual bills from the utility company for each tenant or property.

  1. Click the properties tab, and post an expense to the appropriate property (for which the bill is for).
  2. Enter the amount, payee, etc.
  3. Set the Category to “Utilities”.
  4. From the “Charge Tenant” dropdown, select the tenant you want billed for this utility. (see screenshot)
  5. Now ‘Post Expense’ and the utility expense will carry-through to the tenant’s ledger as an expense with the same values.

METHOD 2: If you receive one bill with multiple tenant charges and are re-billing this to the tenant(s).

  1. Go to the Accounts tab, and post an expense to the account which will pay the utility bill.  Enter each portion as part of the split transaction, as shown in the screenshot here and post the expense.  (click here for more information on how to enter split transactions)
  2. Re-enter the ledger for the account you just posted to.  In this example it is account ‘1010 All Properties’.  Locate the transaction, typically the last transaction in the ledger and edit it by clicking the edit icon to the right.
  3. Within the edit split transaction screen, you have the option to edit each individual associated transaction.  In the screenshot below, the red arrow points to the edit transaction option.  If you do not see it, back up and complete step 2.
  4. For each unit’s utility billing you want to charge to the tenant, click the Edit button.  This will put you into the transaction edit window.
  5. Within the transaction edit window, select from the Charge Tenant drop-down the appropriate tenant to charge.
  6. Click Save Changes, and you will be returned to the split transaction edit window.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as necessary until all tenants have had their charges applied.