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At this time, the tenant fees for ACH and CC transactions post as income to the property, which in turn is associated with an owner.

If you want to reflect these fees as income to your company and not income to property and owner, follow these step by step instructions:

1. Pull the financial report called “Completed Easy Pay” so that you will know which transactions need to be edited.

  • Go to Reports Tab>Financial Reports>Completed Easy Pay

2. Create a property for your company in the Property Tab

  • Go to Property Tab>Add New Property

3. Create an owner for your company

  • Settings Tab>Manage Owners>Add New Owner

4. Go to Tenants Tab and edit each individual transaction for fees that need to be posted to your company

  • Edit Property to your new Property Account (Your Company)
  • Edit The Owner to your new Owner Account (For Your Company)
  • Save Changes