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If you are paying for property expenses with a credit card, and you want to track those expenses, the process is very simple.  First, head to your Settings tab and then select “Manage Vendors.”  Then you will click on “add new vendor.”


Now that you have added in your credit card as a vendor, you can post your property expense as you normally would, selecting the bank account you wish to pay for the credit card purchase with, and then assign the newly created credit card as the vendor.  You can also add in a memo note to the transaction to document where the credit card purchase was made.



If you have multiple purchases on the card that you want to assign to various properties and/or various expense categories, you can do this under the split transaction option – see

Once you have posted your credit card expense, you can view details of this vendor expense by heading to the Reports tab/Financial Reports/Vendor Ledger and selecting the appropriate vendor. This should also assist you in reconciling your credit card statement.